Metal Monday – Ornassi Pazuzu – Uusi teknokratia

Welcome to another Metal Monday. For today’s song I have a really weird one but I have had this album stuck in my head this past week. I feel like the band took some inspiration from the 1920’s film Metropolis and made their own thing with it. I love the visuals of this music video. There is a lot of screaming going on, so do not feel bad if you sit this one out. Ornassi Pazuzu is cited to be a Finnish Psychadellic Black Metal band and has been around since 2007. I got to know them around 2013 for the first time and missed the chance to see them live in 2016’s Roadburn due to the fact that their times clashed with my current favorite band Cult of Luna. I do not know what their songs are about as they seem to sing in their native tongue, can’t say I care too much as I am in it for the music. Another favorite song on the album is called Kuulen ääniä Maan Alta, through all the evil sounds and atmospheric chaos they always seem to find some harmony with their songs. My kind of harmony at least…


Lyrics: (Translated into English via Google)

Listen to what I say
and you won’t be troubled

These birds
can see into thoughts

The secret eye
reads our dreams like a book

These visions
have been saved in the system

From the ground leaf out walls
From the walls poisonous shrubs
Their thorns splintering glass
A new technocracy

The master’s nail paints pictures
with young blood
The pictures eat into the surface of the brain
as burning mycelium

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