Last month I failed my driver’s theory exam for the second time. It was quite a shitty feeling as the same happened to me when I did it in S.A so many years ago. One would think that driving for as long as I have, that theory should be a breeze right? The answer is obviously wrong as I have to do the test all over again. I did feel bad, but that was rectified the next day as Milou and I went to Amsterdam for the first time since corona hit us back in in 2020. When Milou and I visit Amsterdam we do not visit the same places your normal tourist types will go to. No we go to bookshops as finding a shop that sells English books in the genres we both like is pretty hard at times. Amsterdam has a Waterstones as well as some discount American Book Centre that are quite close to on another and then there is a shop that often has Warhammer books as well as figurines for sale. We generally just go browse through there as that shop is a bit pricey at most times. Waterstones tend to have every book Milou is interested in and I find the occasional book there now and then. On this trip I found only two books that I already have thanks to NetGalley, so I left there with a feeling of “bullet dodged” and a full walet still. On our trip this time round we also happened to walk through a second hand kinda boot sale event where I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of Warhammer that was available. Who would’ve thought I could get more Warhammer books from a random kind lady than all the shops combined around Amsterdam? Just as I decided I had enough books said lady also told me she had some hard covers still hidden somewhere. OOOh shit I exclaimed and Milou only laughed… Long story short I walked away with a fuller backpack than what I went with to Amsterdam…

So what did I get you might be wondering by now I figure…

American Book Centre:

When we went in there I was instantly drawn to the Dune series that was on display. Seeing as I loved the first book (or three books that make book 1) I was looking for the follow up, but they did not have that one, yet the rest of the series was completed. I made the decision to leave that rather as I believe Milou can help me out with getting them n Audible. A worthy thing to note is that last time I was in this shop I got the nearly completed The Witcher series that I was very happy with (also I have not even started on it yet, where Milou has and might even know more than me at this point). This time around I found a different series that I nearly could complete as I loved the first book and the series for that matter…

Road to woodbury

Fall of the Governor

Fall of the Governor PT2

Yeah I now sort of own the whole series (I think). I hope that I will be able to continue this series in 2022.

From The Kind Lady at the Boot Sale:

Aliens vol 3
This was what I was also looking for while at the shop above, but they did not have it. I am happy now as I have volume 2 already and I am just looking for Vol.1 to complete the set. A little weird thing about this one is that it only contains 2 books. I thought omnibusses normally had three books. I have a different copy of Rogue that I have been wanting to get to for a while now, but we will see when I get to these. As far as I know they can all be read as stand alones.

The Gildar Rift
A Space Marines Battles novel. I was very happy when I saw this one. What exactly it is about I will have to find out soon as I get to this.

Hunt for Voldorius
Ah another Space Marines Battles novel. That picture I normally use for when I do my Reading Plans posts will have a few more figures added to them and will be updated soon…
Another Space Marines Battles novel. This was one of the hard covers I did not have so I got it. Happy with this find. One thing that confuses me a bit is that it says this is an Apocalypse novel, while I know that that is a series within Warhammer as well, why is it included in the Space Marines Battles series then? Any of my Warhammer friends know anything about this?

Crusade for Armageddon
While I know that Armaggedon is a world, I do not really know a lot about it. What I am exited for is that there are going to be orks in it. I do not own a lot of Orks books in the Warhammer universe yet. I am glad I could rectify that.

Not related to Amsterdam:

Earlier in October I got another book from Ebay, there were actually 3 books that should’ve arrived, but some where with postage it screwed up. The two that did not arrive were done by one seller and the one I actually did receive from another. I have gotten my money back for one of the books and figure I am going to have to contact Ebay again to reimburse me for the second lost book. It;s a bummer really as Ebay is going to be the only way I will ever be able to complete my Warhammer 40K Legends Collection…

Anyhow, remember what I said about not having a lot of Ork books?

Feat the Alien
This is going to be a collection of short stories that I am looking forward to getting to at some point. 2021 and 2022 will hopefully see me getting through some of these books in my collection thanks to the ongoing Horus Heresy read along with Jenn. Funny enough the one we will be getting to this month also has the word Fear in it.

brzrkr cover
Even though I have already reviewed this, I also still wanted to put it with the book haul post as I also got it in October. I liked it enough to want to follow the series, but only if I can get it through NetGalley like I did this one. 17 Dollars is a bit expensive for a 48 page comic…

And there you have it folks. A nice big end of the year haul to books that you can expect to see somewhere in the future. When not even I can tell you…

Any of these covers tickle your fancy? Float yer boat?

13 thoughts on “Incoming!!!

    1. One book’s money has been paid back, i am going to contact ebay again regarding the second one today. Told the seller a week ago that id be willing to wait another week and since there is no update since then i figure its another courier error.

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  1. I have Hunt for Voldoruis on my shelf waiting to be read too, so if you’d like to buddy up on that when you get to it, let me know?

    Sorry to hear about your eBay losses though, that’s always a bummer.

    Are The Walking Dead books, novelisations of the TV series or the comics?

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    1. I know the first one was a sort of setup to give more an origin story of where the governor came from, where in the tv series he is already wuite bad ass and hos origins were never really delved into. I think by book 3 will only be where Grimes will have been introduced, but i am not sure. I am not sure if the comics came first and then the books or vice versa. I am always happy to buddy up on books. Im looking at starting the Space marines series some time next year as I feel i have adequate knowledge of most of the chapters now.


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