A Sunday Surprise

In my ever ongoing quest to one day own every book in the Massive WH40K Legends collection, made possibly by Hatchette Partworks. I recently found there might be a chance that that dream might come into fruition. Thanks to Ebay the only books I bought this year, apart from those I bought in Amsterdam late last month were from them. I have had two books so far that have went missing, but was very happy that I can add another to the shelves today…

Ahriman Sourcerer
This is the second book in John French’s trilogy. Having finally met the Thousand Sons this year, I am exited to read more about one of the more prominent characters of this Chapter. Here is another cover you can look forward to reading more about, hopefully next year. I now own 32 out of the 100 books in this collection. Slooowly getting there…

Have a good Sunday everyone.

12 thoughts on “A Sunday Surprise

  1. I tried the first Ahriman book and was so underwhelmed by it. Hope you enjoy the series more than I did. That cover makes me think of the Soul Hunter book I snagged in the £1 Audible sale today 😁 love the dark look

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    1. It was actually soul hunter in this same collection that did not make it through ebay to me. Which sucks. Realy interested to get my hands on some grey nights (was it grey nights?) novels.

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