November 2021 Recap

I can´t believe November is over. I had many plans for this month, and only got to half of what I planned for the month. Things have been picking up at work and certain life events have taken me away from blogging for the past week. I guess I’ll try to touch down on those things in another post some time this week. For now I am going to keep things short and just get on with this post.


As stated above I planned way more books than I could’ve hoped for reading this month. I am currently just under halfway through the next Heresy novel where I believe Jenn has probably finished by now. I can’t say I am going through a reading slump, I am just not getting any reading done at the moment. Nothing to worry about. I’ll try get on with it again in December.

AAF 15Amazing Adult Fantasy Issues 10-15 – Stan Lee & Steve Ditko

I finally finished phase 1 of my original plan to see how comics looked back in the day before Spider Man became a thing. Having some physical comics of the nemesis Venom I wanted to get the background stories filled in first. I also basically binged the comic series on Disney plus last month and will continue to do the rest when I have free time to myself again. I liked what I saw and am really happy with how comics have evolved since their humble beginnings.

brzrkr cover BRZRKR Vol.1 – Keanu Reeves and others

Keanu Reeve’s first comic debut. Nothing special, but I enjoyed it. Fact that I got it from NetGalley also made it worth it as I wont have to shell out 18 bucks for 48 pages of comic…

Dark JudgesThe Dark Judges: Fall of Deadworld Book 3 – Dave Rendall and Kek-W
What can I say about this? It was book 3 in a series, but I liked enough to try track down more in future to see where and how the Dark Judges ever became a thing.

reqRequiem Infernal – Peter Fehervari
Then, my last review took nearly two weeks to write. I suffered through this novel. Maybe a case of wrong time wrong mindset. It took me two months to get through and I figure my expectations were a bit too high. I like the Dark Souls aspect/ feel that the Dark Coil series feels it has, but where the book that went before this one shot my expectations into the heavens, this one brought me some what down to Earth again. It was not bad. I might have just picked it up in a bad time. Felt great to have taken a book of from my NetGalley shelf that has been on there for ages though.

Metal Monday:

I missed two days this month which suck. But there can always be more metal posts later…

Ornassi Pazuzu – Uusi teknokratia
Korn – Start the Healing


I got quite a lot of books this month. This past weekend Milou and I went to her parents for Sinterklaas and there is going to be another book haul post about that trip before the year runs out…

A Sunday Surprise

Aand that was a wrap for my November. Not a lot that happened on here, but quite a lot behind the scenes goings-ons. Ill be back tomorrow with a Reading Plans post and you can look forward to a few more random posts here and there that will trickle in as I get time to write.

Hope you all have a great day.

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