December 2021 Reading Plans

Today´s list is pretty easy to compile seeing as I only took one book of my reading plans list last month. I wont be listing all the books again. I will, however, set the record straight regarding one error I made on that list. Some how I got my sequence wrong within the Horus Heresy and said I´d be reading Fear to Tread, where it was supposed to be Know no Fear, which I am currently trying to get through. Its been a bit of slog due to some events the past couple of weeks that have kept me away from both blogging and reading. Nothing too serious to worry about though I am fine…

Currently Reading:

Know no Fear
One of the first books I received as part of my subscription to the 40K Legends Collection when I was still living in SA. I am glad that I am getting to it now. So far the story is good and it might turn into an Abnett book that I actually enjoy. After that burn on his previous HH entry he has a lot to make up for in my opinion. There previous Reading Plans error corrected. 

Got about 5 hours left on this audiobook. Work has been picking up and I’ve been working with some one else to get our returns/ customer complaints department updated and sorted out. Would be rude if I was just audiobooking away while he was also in the vaccinity… The book is good. I get why many people love this one so much. I’ve noticed that to me it just feels like it could have easily been part of the Aberat series, which I already stated some where in a previous post. That and that it is a wee bit more adulty. I am liking it so far.

There we have it for this month. Gonna keep this post short as I am already behind on my post writings. I don’t think I’ll get very far seeing as December might be a bit crazy and over before we know it. 

I’ll see you all soon I hope.

Just a visual refresher for those that missed last month’s post.





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