When Christmas comes Early…

Today is the 5th of December. Traditionally in The Netherlands people all round celebrate Sinterklaas. Its been a tradition where their version of Santa comes in from Spain and has little helpers to help hand out presents. That’s more or less the short of it. With your present you also get a poem written by the Sint himself. My mother in law had her birthday last month and Milou and I went over last weekend to celebrate that as well as Sinterklaas as we are currently in a curfew type lock down again. Along with the presents I got there were quite a few books. Sinterklaas apparently knows me really well. Along with that I thought I’d include some more books that have found their way to me in the past month that I haven’t had the time to blog about yet. Strap in…

Bioshock Rapture
Bioshock is a game series that I fell in love with many years ago. I recently bought Bioshock 2 for the PS3 as I am still making my way through the back log of games. I have also had no time really to do my planned Distraction Dinsdag posts. Anyhow. I can always try do them next year. Bioshock Rapture is a book that apparently takes place before the first game I bought this along with the game as a birthday gift to myself (20th December). GR has this to say about it:

It’s the end of World War II. FDR’s New Deal has redefined American politics. Taxes are at an all-time high. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has brought a fear of total annihilation. The rise of secret government agencies and sanctions on business has many watching their backs. America’s sense of freedom is diminishing . . . and many are desperate to take that freedom back.

Among them is a great dreamer, an immigrant who pulled himself from the depths of poverty to become one of the wealthiest and admired men in the world. That man is Andrew Ryan, and he believed that great men and women deserve better. And so he set out to create the impossible, a utopia free from government, censorship, and moral restrictions on science–where what you give is what you get. He created Rapture—the shining city below the sea.

But as we all know, this utopia suffered a great tragedy. This is the story of how it all came to be . . .and how it all ended.

Aliens vol1
Many of you might remember I got the 3rd omnibus on our Amsterdam trip at the end of October. As I already spoke about Sinterklaas he seems to follow my blog and I got this omnibus from him. I am exited to get back to these books that kept me interested with the Alien franchise for so long. I know that many of these books will probably not have aged too well, but I don’t give a shit. I know I’ll enjoy them for what they are.

Keeping with the space theme, Sint also got me this graphic novel I know nothing about. I consulted GR again for some glimpse:

Young Robot boy TIM-21 and his companions struggle to stay alive in a universe where all androids have been outlawed and bounty hunters lurk on every planet. Written by award-winning creator, Jeff Lemire, Descender is a rip-roaring and heart-felt cosmic odyssey. Lemire pits humanity against machine, and world against world, to create a sprawling epic. Created by Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth, Trillium) and Dustin Nguyen’s (Little Gotham) critically acclaimed, bestselling new science fiction series!

Another gift from the Sint. Another graphic novel. The back description reads like it might be a mix of D&D and Jumanji. I hope it will be the original Jumanji if it is though.

The Wicked + The Divine writer Kieron Gillen teams up with artist supernova Stephanie Hans (WicDiv, Journey Into Mystery) for her first ongoing comic. Die is a pitch-black fantasy where a group of forty-something adults have to deal with the returning, unearthly horror they only just survived as teenage role-players. If Kieron’s in a rush, he describes it as “Goth Jumanji”, but that’s only the tip of this obsidian iceberg.

Jealously MAn
I got this in Dutch, I figure Sint wants me to keep improving my language skills and therefore gave me a Dutch book to read.

A detective with a nose for jealousy is on the trail of a man suspected of murdering his twin; a bereaved father must decide whether vengeance has a place in the new world order after a pandemic brings about the collapse of society; a garbage man fresh off a bender tries to piece together what happened the night before; a hired assassin matches wits against his greatest adversary in a dangerous game for survival; and an instantly electric connection between passengers on a flight to London may spell romance, or something more sinister.

Guns of Tanith
Guns of Tanith is book 5 in the Gaunt’s Ghosts series by Dan Abnett. I recommended this series to Stooge a few years ago after only reading the first two novels myself. Since then Stooge has completed the whole series while I have not progressed with it past book two… I aim to rectify that problem some time, I cannot say when tho. Just wat to say thank you to Sinterklaas for the great presents he got me. I am really happy with all of them.

The heretical forces of Chaos fight back in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, cutting off Imperial forces. Gaunt and his men must recapture the key world Phantine, in order to save the Emperor’s beleaguered forces.

Jewish Brigade
This was another surprise but not from the Sint. I opened up my mailbox last Thursday and this physical review copy was waiting for me. I got it from the people over at Dead Reckoning affiliated with Naval Institute Press. The same people gave me Tankies  a few months back. What better way to learn more about some parts of the wars that are not so well known to me than by taking it in, in graphical form? I do not know…

In the waning years of World War II, as the tragic plight of the European Jews was coming to light in ever more horrific detail, a Jewish fighting force, known as the Jewish Infantry Brigade Group, was born as part of the British Eighth Army. Leslie Toliver, a racecar driver in the pre-war years, eagerly joined the all-volunteer force for a chance to fight with his people against those who sought to murder them.

When the war in Europe ends and the “savage continent” sits on the brink of continental civil war from chaos, terror, and famine, Leslie and the Brigade move to Tarvisio, Italy, a border triangle city perfect for covert action. While out searching for Holocaust survivors, Leslie undertakes vigilante missions in Soviet occupied Eastern Europe hunting down Nazis on the run for both vengeance and justice. With each Nazi found or refugee rescued, he looks for more information to complete his most personal mission: to find his mother and fiancée who went missing in the upheaval of the war.

Da Gobbo´s Revenge
Keeping with the War theme, NetGalley decided to put up some books for request again after a long while of not doing so. I got two books out of the five that was up for request. I think that Gobbo’s Revenge might run along the same lines as Skarsnik by Guy Haley, a book I need to re read and post about still on here as I read it before I had the blog…

An origin story unlike any other, Da Gobbo’s Revenge plumbs the very depths of the ork psyche to show you just what happens when you kick the wrong grot one too many times.

Silent Hunters
I read Carcharodons and insta clicked the this one as it features the same Chapter. All about Space Marines that have aspects of sharks written into them. If we have Space Wolves, why cant we have Space Sharks?

With a millenia-long hunt close to is end, Carcharodons Chaplain Manu ventures to the lair of the Drukhari.

In the darkness beyond the galaxy, there are monsters. Some swim closer to the light, drawn by the beacon that is the Astronomican, while others stalk the Void, predators in the dark. The Carcharodons have hunted for millennia, but now they are drawn into a new blackness… the Dark City of the drukhari itself. Commorragh.

For a thousand years, Chaplain Tangata Manu has searched for a relic lost under his watch – an ancient thing, once charged into the keeping of the Forgotten One himself. But at the brink of seeing his hunt fulfilled and the relic returned, it is stolen from under him. Now, if Tangata would see his honour restored, he must lead his hunt against some of the vilest predators the galaxy has ever seen, before they can turn the artefact to their own purposes…

Way of houshusband
And then lastly this one was totally random. Yesterday Milou and I went to Utrecht so Milou could pick up work clothes as she will be helping out at the vaccination stations again for the coming booster shots that will be given out. On Utrecht train station, there is a book exchange stand that you can take and donate books for free. We did not have any books to donate with us, but I have seen this Manga on NetGalley and never requested it. I am now, however, the owner of a free physical copy of volume 1, so I am happy. I never heard the term house husband until I came to live in The Netherlands. Seems like there is a lot of stuff I still have to learn about…

Housework without honor or humanity

He was the fiercest member of the yakuza, a man who left countless underworld legends in his wake. They called him “the Immortal Dragon.” But one day he walked away from it all to walk another path—the path of the househusband! The curtain rises on this cozy yakuza comedy!

And there you have it folks. Another round of new books that you can expect to see at some point on my blog. This will probably be the last book haul post for this year. Unless people decide to give me more books on my birthday and Christmas. For now I do not think that will be happening as we do not really celebrate Chrismas the way the rest of the world does.

Hope you are all doing well.

18 thoughts on “When Christmas comes Early…

  1. That’s a bloody big haul!

    I follow a blogger who reviewed a bunch of chapters of Way of the House Husband. Here’s his thoughts on the first chapter anyway:

    And once again, you totally get my thanks for introducing me to Gaunt. He’s what kept my reading WH40K 😀 I was telling Jenn yesterday that I’m actually going to be starting the Caiphus Cain series in January, so I hope the interest in the Commissars holds true for me.

    That Die: Fantasy Heartbreakers looked familiar and sure enough, another blogger I follow had reviewed it. His review is totally spoiler free so you can check it out without worrying about that:

    It would seem that you have a pretty good collection of books added to your TBR 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks man. Ill go and give them a follow. I was hoping to start Cain myself but i have no idea if itll be in Jan. We could try schedule a buddy read maybe? I have the omnibus on netgalley, sure would motivate me to getting some more books of of that list.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lets talk again in January. Right now things are so busy that I can’t plan ahead that far 😀
        My guess right now though is that any buddy read would have to take place for the end of February.
        I’d like it though. Let me do something a bit different than this blogging whirlpool….

        Liked by 1 person

      2. re: Sherlock. I know, right? We should probably figure out which we’d have more chance with (watching Sherlock or reading Cain) and then concentrate on that.
        Personally, I don’t need much motivation to read Cain, but watching is always harder for me. So my vote is to watch because buddy watching will just help motivate me.
        But let me know how you feel about it and we’ll go from there.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, a happy Sinterklaas to you and Milou! 😊
    I haven’t played any of the Bioshock games since a hard drive crash wiped my BS1 save years ago and I just haven’t had it in me to go back and redo it – and of course I feel I need to play and finish BS1 before moving on to BS2 and then Infinite…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah i only got two as Age of sigmar stillputs me of and the other one did not look like something i was going to enjoy… heard on the grape vine theres another minka lesk novel on the horizon🙈

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Maybe this time around it will actually be a Minka Lesk novel … rather than her only getting 5% of the page time 😂 not that I’ll be reading it, so I’ll never know haha

        I’ve suddenly had the urge to read warhammer again. So I’m hoping that urge holds for a while 😂

        Liked by 1 person

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