Metal Monday – Cult of Luna – Cold Burn

The news that Cult of Luna were revealing dropping a new album coming early next February came out o nowhere. Those that have stuck around a while will know that Cult of Luna is on of my top 10 go to bands for any occasion. It is not for everybody, but they have been with me for the last 10 years and to have been able to have seen them live twice now as well as be able to speak with the frontman and vocalist Johannes has just done wonders for me in the past couple of years. Cold Burn is a 10 minute song with visuals that I am not sure are from the interactive game that they are also co creating with an Indi studio. Yes my friends, not only are they working on a new album, but another digital art form that will have you explore the world they are creating along with the music. 

I hope you can enjoy this one with me.


Breathe into the harrowing wind.
To uncover truths hidden by snow.
Melting water cleanses the ground.
Breathe into the freezing haze.
The cold burns like salt in a wound.
Howl. Your skull is screaming.
The sky darkens. Visions dragged from light.
Ice pierces your skin. Carving words from within.
Pain moves through every vein.
Frost covers figures. Too dim for you to see.
Years go by faster. Seasons no longer hold their line.
From its den under the mountain. Wings spread out across the night.
The cold burns.

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