The Girl, the Shovel, and the Evil Eye Vol.1 – Chouchouhassha and Kayatamaru

the girl, shovel and evil eye
Published: 28 September 2021
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Pages: 209
Series: The Girl, the Shovel, and the Evil Eye Vol.1
Format Read: Digital Copy


Tsuguto Sumihara is way too nice… or rather, was too nice. He lost his life in a bus accident after being bullied into giving up his seat, and somehow was reincarnated into a mining camp! Not only that, the mine is at the base of an impossibly tall tower. It’s there he meets the ram — horned Loulier, his first friend in this bizarre land. But when she’s bullied, Tsuguto finds that maybe he wasn’t reincarnated without powers after all… and that, if he’s to have a future in this strange new land, Loulier’s just the partner he needs.


I received this through Net Galley, the fact that I got to read it for free did not influence my review of this Manga in any way. I would like to thank Net Galley for accepting my request to review this ARC as well as making things like this a possibility.

When I did the book haul of this Manga a month or so ago I was worried that I was going to be fan serviced just purely based on the cover with a girl that has a short dress and what seems to be most part of her ass out. I was truly concerned that I was going to have to read this at night while Milou was sleeping or not at home at all… Glad was I to discover that my worries were ill advised and pleasantly surprised was I to find out that the story was quite good as well. A young student gives u his seat to a cardboard cutout jock shortly before there is a fatal accident and the student is the only one that does not survive the crash, seeing as he was the only one without a seat.

When said student wakes up he finds that he has been transported into a different world filled with adventure and all things weird and wacky. It is not long that he again becomes victim to bullying but this time decides to not be a pushover. A scuffle ensues and not long after it is revealed that student has powers he still needs to hone. You see it seems that in a world where you die, you don’t really go to a heaven or hell, but a D&D esque limbo, where you can level up and find your balls you did not have in the life before.

I do not know why I liked this story so much. Maybe because it reminded me of That Time I was Reincarnated into A Slime and the element of light role playing games becoming so popular that you see the theme in almost everything of late. The fact that D&D has become popular again I am truly happy with, even though I only played about 3 scenario’s in my whole 36 years on this planet. Apart from the D&D elements I also enjoyed the story. Two unlikely friends meet up and decide to help one another with levelling up and finding out how to get rid of the curse that plagues the new “player”. I wanted this manga to tell the whole story and really wanted to see how it all worked out. But I hope that the rest of the series will also become available on Net Galley.

I do not know who to recommend this book too. If what I wrote intrigues you or ticks your boxes, I’d say give it a try. I gave it a 3 out of 5 on GR with the possibility of becoming a 4 depending on how the series will go. Lets hold thumbs together…

8 thoughts on “The Girl, the Shovel, and the Evil Eye Vol.1 – Chouchouhassha and Kayatamaru

  1. Mrs B loves iseki stories (that’s what it is called when they die and get reincarnated in another form in another world, I think).

    I would have had the same worries as you based on that cover too.

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    1. Is it iseki manga then or just iseki? Good to know that Mrs. B likes these types of graphic novels. I am glad that the cover showed me the not to judge a book by it’s cover is an actual life rule i should live by now.

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  2. Sounds like an interesting story.
    Glad to hear your concerns weren’t warranted – I’d have been thinking the same in your position!
    How do you read your Manga from NetGalley? I only have a basic kindle, so curious to know if it works or would look trash!

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    1. Hi Jenn. I use an app called pocket book that works great on my phone. If there is a chance that a computer is free, i normally just read them from the drm downloaded file from NG site itself. As far as I know kindle is not too great with graphic novels.


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