December 2021 Recap

Wow we are in the new year already? That went rather quick. I was not able to be as active as I wanted to be here on WP the month past, but I had a few things keeping me away from blogging. 1 Being the lack of books finished during the month. As I say that, I actually have to do a review for a book I finished prior to me writing this post, but I guess I’ll at least have a book ready for the new year.

Let’s have a small look at what you might have missed the month of December:


3 Books reviewed this month. One taking me a month to complete. I can’t say my posts did all too well, but I ascribe that to the fact that it was December and every one had their own things going on. I am not too phased. I do these posts as a reminder for my future self any how, to try remember what was likable and what wasn’t.

the girl, shovel and evil eye
The Girl, the Shovel, and the Evil Eye Vol.1 – Chouchouhassha and Kayatamaru

A surprising Iseki Manga about a teen boy that gets killed and then gets transported into a sort of limbo where he gets to play some sort of RPG real life game sort of thing. I liked it and was worried that it was going to be a fan service Manga, but was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t.

WeaveworldWeaveworld – Clive Barker

Weaveworld is claimed by many people as one of Barker’s masterpieces. I was a bit underwhelmed by it. Story was good tho and to me just another Barker story that I knew that I could be entertained and would be appalled at the same time as well. What also helped was the fact that the narrator that read this to me also sat through the Whole Lightbringer series that I finished this year and had an overal great time.

Know no FearKnow No Fear – Dan Abnett

To end the Horus Heresy on book 19 this year felt quite good. Jenn and I would’ve liked to get another in before year end I think, but I took way to long to finish this novel. All thanks to how busy work had become and he fact that I just had no energy to read when I got home. Starting the HH series on book 20 in the new year also does not feel bad. GoodReads lists 56 main titles for the series and that feeling that we are just over the first third of books makes makes me exited to see where we end up next year. Just another thank you to Jenn for still sticking to this buddy read and making it more bearable for me to go through. I would have never gotten this far so quickly without some of the motivation that went with the read so far.

Metal Monday:

Two of my favorite bands either released or teased new material. Hypocrisy not only launched their album, but LAUNCHED it into space! Where Cult of Luna are working with an Indi studio on an interactive game. Exited to see how that works out. December is also my birth month so I added a metalled up version for happy Birthday.

Hypocrisy- Worship
Cult of Luna – Cold Burn
Stop! Its Fossil Time…
Tool – Schism


December saw me get a lot of books. Books I hope I can get too soon. Some surprises here and there and an over all great way to end the year on.

When Christmas comes Early…
I Lied…
Twas Christmas…

Other posts:

Just one this month. To celebrate 500 followers i did a small thank you post to everyone that has contributed to this blog.

A Humble Thank You

And that was December all done and dusted. I’ll be trying to compile my highlights for 2021 in a next post, if I am able to wake up today. This post already took , me six hours to write no thanks to all the rum I consumed prior to starting it. Happy New Year every one, from myself, Milou and Oi!


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    1. Try Aberat first and see if its something you would like. After that Cabal was fairly short to see him in a different state. Thanks for the comments. Im having a bladt with GoW


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