Distraction Dinsdag – Yippee Ki-Yay!!!

Welcome toy your new home Sonny 4!

Today’s post is purely to share with you the great excitement I have in sharing that I now have a Playstation 4. Nothing conveys that feeling of euphoria like that Bruce Willis scene in the first Die Hard movie. Seeing as it was during the last few days of 2021 and the PS3 that I have been borrowing from my in-laws is showing signs of packing up soon, I decided to bite the bullet and just try track one down. It turns out that the PS 4 is not the easiest to come by new these days as I have found out to my dismay. I was able, however, to track a second hand one down from people that live fairly close by. It was also cheap and only has minor usage spores on it. That and paired with an amazing ten games included I was sold as soon as I saw the add on our Dutch version of E-bay. Even Milou was exited as one of the games is an Assassin’s Creed game she has been waiting to play for a long time and even went and bought herself Kingdom Hearts for that same reason.

What does this mean for the blog you may ask yourself, and for an answer I can assure you, that no matter how distracted I am going to be pushing new and old characters to the max, I will still be around for reviews and all things that my blog has been up too since it’s start in 2017. They might just be very infrequent, but my blog has been like that since the start I figure, so I bet you won’t even know a difference. As an added bonus, I am going to try make an active effort this year to do small reviews from games I have previously completed on the PS 3. I can already do one for the PS 4 as I finished the first of the ten games within 13 hours in the first two days of owning the PS 4. So you can expect to one as soon as next week Tuesday, if everything works out work wise and blogging wise.

If you do feel that it might be getting too quiet here, maybe leave me a comment or send Milou one to check on me. Once I get stuck in, I get propper stuck in…

Anyway, that is all for today, consider yourselves informed!

Just a man, his cat and a PS 4…

Oi browsing some dodgy websites when I am not looking hahaha. Wish I could load a video on WP as this was supposed to show him trying to catch the cursor.

19 thoughts on “Distraction Dinsdag – Yippee Ki-Yay!!!

  1. Very cool – you’re going to have a ton of fun with that – what games did you pick up? I’ll have to dust off my PS4 sometime and we can do some multiplayer!

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    1. Games included were two batman titles, the whole uncharted catalogue 1-4. Assassin’s creed blag flag and unity. God of war 4 , call of duty ww2. Milou bought kingdom hearts 3 and ill be getting in spiderman today. There is also horizon zero installed on the ps as well as fortnight

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      1. uh… I have a lot of MP/Co-Op games (like, a *LOT*) I guess maybe see what games/types/grnres you’re most interested in and we’ll narrow it down! I haven’t picked up anything on PS in the last year and a bit, but otherwise my collection is pretty expansive.

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      2. As long as i dont have to play battle field, fortnight and Call of duty, anything goes🙂. Do ps4 and 5 communicate well with one another?


      3. I believe that they do – or PS4 games run in “PS4 mode” which is much the same as a faster PS4. Not sure about PS5 native games working across to PS4. I’m still without a PS5 anyway so it’s all good.
        As for which games, I have literally hundreds in my library so pick a genre or two and we can start to narrow it down – oh, I’m not hugely into sports or driving games.

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