January 2022 Reading Plans

Today we are having a look at what I will be reading during the longest month of the year. Things at work are a bit quiet at the moment so I am not that tired when I get home so I am going to try aim for 5 books this month. I say try as the one book I have had on my reading lists for the past couple of months, I have just discovered that it has reaaaaaaaaaly small font. Let’s jump in shall we?

Currently Reading:

Jekyl en Hide

Continuing on my long list of classics I never read due to the lack of an educational system I started this novel on Audible. Still at the start of it and getting into it all. As far as I am, I am liking it so far. 


Have not heard from Salty in a while, so I thought I could lure him out with some VAMPIRE books. Genevieve Undead follows on from where Drachenfels ended, but is divided up into three short stories, I am currently close to finishing the first story and a funny coincidence is that it also features Jekyll and Hyde which is great. Exited to see how the other two stories pan out.

Other Planned Reads:


When talking about small font I was talking about this book. I have no hope of finishing it this month, but I can make a start with it at least as this was the only book left over from my reading plans last month.


Book 20 in the Horus Heresy series. Jenn and I are still in talks as to when we will pick this up. I have this in Audio version as I cannot find an affordable physical anywhere in The Netherlands. I am crazy by default, but won’t pay 80 Euro for a second hand novel that is a potential short story collection from what I gather on GR… Still exited to get stuck back in with all things Heresy again. 

Rites of Passage

And then lastly keeping with 40K, Milou just got this novel for me with one of her Audible credits. It is also one of the many Net Galley novels on my list of 40K books to read still. Looking forward to Mike Brooks’ foray into the 40K setting. Part of one of my goals this year is to try read at least one Net Galley novel a month and hope that Black Library do not post too many books I still fancy on there too often… I should also evaluate my reason for requesting so many titles in one go… 

These are the books you can expect to come across my blog in the hopefully not so distant future. 3 Audio’s and two physicals should be doable right? 

Hope you have a good day.

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