Metal Monday – Sword of Destiny – Marcin Przybyłowicz and Percival Schuttenbach

Seeing as I have not been online since last week’s Metal Monday and the one review I figured I owed some people an explanation. I’ve been gaming most part of my Isolation period. As I did not have to wake up for work for two weeks I have been sitting up and going through The Witcher game and oh man, this game is a master piece so far. By the small snippet I feature on here today I just to try show off how epic the adventure has been so far. I have, at the writing of this post, around 60 hours in the game. I just love it all, the second hand PS4 I got just before end last year has really worked overtime so far. I am going to leave it there. Today’s song has not got any lyrics its just an audible pleasure. This song plays in game when you go into battle it works frighteningly well with all the battle scenes. I can’t help but just feel immense joy as I slash the snot out of all the creatures in game.


8 thoughts on “Metal Monday – Sword of Destiny – Marcin Przybyłowicz and Percival Schuttenbach

      1. Oh, yes, one of the best games I played, I loved just walking around the world. And the music… have you played the Hearts of Stone DLC? There’s a song, you can hear near the beginning, that kind of tells you what will happen (not a spoiler, just an… omen of sorts?). Perfect.

        My GoG version of the game has an extra video file with a recording of the concert when they had a huge orchestra playing the soundtrack, I don’t watch concerts often, but this was great 🙂

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      2. My oldest brother confessed to still listening to the soundrack even years after finishing it, ill probably bedoing the same🙂. I have blood and wine and hearsts of stone incorporated into my ps4 installment, but im not even close to a good level to be taking on some of those higher level monsters.

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