January 2022 Recap

And so our first month of 2022 has seen it’s ass without a mirror. While the other 2 years we have spent January in lock down, this year was already way more special fot the fact that I tested positive for the shitty virus. While I thought I had the same flue as I had in December it turned out it was more severe, yet I had mild effects. Milou says she has seen me worse with the common flue than what ever the fuck I had this time around. I console myself in the fact that it has taken two years for Corona to track me down and I only got infected as the new “South African” variant was the obvious one to seek me out. Little bit of an inside joke to myself.

img_2973 Even Oi was not himself during the corona period, but he was such a good cat, he would follow me from room to room and just try get comfortable wherever I was. It does help having a cat around that can keep you warm in the winter time.

While I was in Isolation one would think I read a fuck tonne, but that was not the case as I had bought myself a secondhand PS4 a few days before the closing of 2021. Yes I gamed a lot my friends. It is no effort for me to sit down and log a quick 8-12 hour game session and I had good games that came with the PS4, as well as receiving Witcher 3 from my boss on loan. What great timing. I did finish 5 books tho, which is not too bad for the longest month of the year. I started January on the first 5 day posting streak that I felt proud of, the streak could’ve probably been longer if I did not game so much and focused more on my blog, but I just did not feel like it. Along with a few posts I had planned in my head, I also still have one review that needs to be written out, although, I think Salty will be doing that one for me early in February, he is still on holiday, but promises to come back with a bang, believe me, I have seen his face and things look too be pretty grim…

Let’s have a look shall we?


Like I said, I finished 5 books but only wrote up three reviews. While I feel my reviews are not doing too well, I ascribed it to the fact that it was January and lots of people were probably still recovering from 2021. I am not to phased anymore on it though.

Jekyl en HideDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Starting the year of with quite a good classic, it was a short read and a great audio book to read. I am happy I finally got this under my reading belt too.

harvestDark Harvest – Josh Reynolds

A book that surprised me and kinda put my reservations at ease regarding the Age of Sigmar setting within Warhammer, I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I still find it odd that this is part of the WH Horror collection, even though each WH book is already pretty grim… Sales gimick I guess… Dark Harvest was also one of the books that have been on my Net Galley shelf the longest so it was nice to be able to take that of the list. And then request 2 more to replace it…

PrimarchsThe Primarchs – Edited by Christian Dunn

4 Longer than normal short stories that answer a few questions and raises more as well as a few eyebrows. I found it a good read though and also has me exited for the next Horus Heresy instalment.


Review still to come for this one, as it contained a Vampire as main character I thought I could give it to Salty while he was on extended leave.

Spiderman #1
After my successful read of how Spiderman came into being, I thought I could extend my reading of the character. Having the Marvel Unlimited App helps in easily tracking these comics down. I am now 1 issue into the 441 that ran from 1963-1998. At around 25-30 pages, I do not think I will be doing a review of each comic book, rather maybe do them in batches of ten or 20, depending how quick I get through them or if I could be bothered like a true comic book fanatic to go into hours long breakdowns of each one. I am not that kinda fanatic, what I am trying to do is to get to the part where Carnage and Venom are introduced so I can start reading the physical spiderman comics currently sitting on my shelf, more on that later…

Metal Monday:

My music was all over the place this one. From a nineties song about beer in jest to my Corona situation too a new Indian folk Metal band that I newly discovered. Said Indian Folk Band has already taken out 2 minutes of their time to say thank you on Facebook for the post I made of them. There are talks of them coming over for a Europe tour, and I am hoping I can go to a festival some time soon… Also a note as there will be no Metal Monday today due to this post going up. It is hard for me to schedule a two post day as well as plan in other stuff so I hope you can forgive me for that.

Bloodywood – Gaddaar (Indian Folk Metal)
The Halo Effect – Shadowminds
The Knack – My Sharona
Sword of Destiny – Marcin Przybyłowicz and Percival Schuttenbach

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19 thoughts on “January 2022 Recap

    1. While Venom and carnage came out later its kinda cool to see that some of the characters we still know were already set up pretty well even if its just 25 pages of comic. Johna Jameson was already fleshed out within the first comic as well as his son that would later become the first venom.

      Like i just said in one of your posts, glad i dont have it but i am still feeling not 100%.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. He was the main Venom yeah. Later on it bonded with a few others as well as Flash Thomson, a highschool buddy/bull of parker. He would later on become Agent Venom.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. There was also a whole venomverse series that ran, where he bonded with a bunch of heroes-villians which id like to get to some time. Good that you follow me, ill try clue you in🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Glad to hear that you’re over Covid, man. I have always been interested in Jeckyll and Hyde, I better give it a read someday soon. The other books sound interesting, I’m still reading the HH series so I will read the Primarchs eventually…eventually..😁 I’ll also check out the music you’ve put up.

    Great blog. 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We were going to do a buddy read on HH at some point if we catch up to you. How far in are you into the series? Jekyl and Hyde should be an easy read its not a big book.

      Thank yoh for the compliment man. Your blog is equally, if not more, amazing🤘🏻


    1. Thanks Nicole, we are lucky to be able to have him around. Even when im not sick he also follows me around. Some times even when i stay up too late he comes to fetch me for bed🙂


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