Reading Plans February 2022

Before I start, today is my mom´s birthday so I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish her good health and a good year and you can do the same if you feel so inclined in the comments.

February is a short month and I can already see I might be setting the bar for myself too high. I have already taken two books over into the new month so will have to get through them before I start my actual reading plan for the month. We will see how it all pans out…

Currently Reading:


Book 0,5 in the Witcher series. I finnally decided to pick this up, purely because I have been enjoying the crap out of the Witcher 3 game on PS4. I even read a part that was referenced in the game. Geralt tells a story of how he flung a fork at a rodent while visiting a friend and how impressive it was, but the fact that he hit the rodent was not as impressive as hitting it in the dark, which he did, which no one saw as not everyone can see in the dark… Felt nice to be able to come across that in game while I was on the same part of the book.

Spidy 2

Started book 2 of 441 in the Spiderman run from 1963 going through 1998. Have to say that even though character set up ain’t big, these characters already had a good fleshing out to grow upon. Also I feel so much more invested than some of the comics that came later. IS this a mood thing or am I just being weird?

The Rising

Book two of the Alchemy Wars. Started it yesterday while doing dishes and continued it at work this morning, still early in the novel, getting re- acquainted with everyone I re-read about last year. This book follows directly on after the events of The Mechanical. Eager to see how it all pans out.

Reads Planned/Looking at:


Misery has been on my reading plans for a while now and I think it is safe to say that I will probably not be picking it up any time soon. I mean I have picked it up only to close it and start a different random book. I do not know if it is the 400 odd small font pages or the fact that this is in Dutch that is making me hesitant to go into it just yet. Only time will tell… For now, be advised that this will probly not be showing up on reading plans any time soon…

Fear to Tread

What I am in the mood for is some more Heresy, after the success that was book 20 Jenn and I just need to decide on a date to start FEAR TO TREAD, NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH Know no Fear that we have already read… I’m thinking of picking this up around the 10th? If I manage to finish Witcher book 1 that is. I’ll keep you updated on GR Jenn, and I promise I’ll change the thread to Fear to Tread soon.

Da Gobbo´s Revenge

Last month NetGalley gave out a few free Warhammer books and I got this from them. I might be pairing up for a buddy read with Swords & Spectres’ Aaron. No definite date has been set but I am personally looking at around the last part of February, if that works for you mate, let me know in the comments. I’ll add you in on a GoodReads thread a little later this week.

That is what I plan on getting through this short month of February. Was going to say that it feels like a lot of Warhammer but it’s quite a mixed bag this month. Will see how things go.

Hope your February will be a good month.

17 thoughts on “Reading Plans February 2022

      1. Will see man. The second season slightly veered of from both the game and books and the first was already not quite book,lore accurate i at least know that much.


  1. Know no Fear, Fear to Tread, who knows what the differences will be!?
    The 10th sounds like a good start date for it to me.

    Good luck with your monthly reading plans. 😀

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