A Salty Return


Greetings humans! It is I, Salty McDave, just popped in to say a quick hello and to tell you that I have taken a bit of an extended leave, seeing as Dave himself has had a tussle with the Transformers variant of that shitty virus you humans concocted recently, me being a dwarf and pretty much immune to stuff like that, still did not want to take any chances. Dave has given me some upgraded posting rights as it should have been from the start, so I just wanted to come here and let you all know, I might be boring you to tears in the next few days to come, but I have a few things I need to get of my chest. Starting with an Marvel Eternals rant. Yeah, I know Dave does not really review movies on here, but that one needs as many people to be aware of what a colossal WTF piece of waste of time is. More on that later.

Hope you all have been good kids and taken all your vitamins and also look forward to interacting with some of you again. If there is any other “bad things” on a list you would like me to check out, send me a shout out, I have healed from all the abuse Dave has put me through in the past few years, so eager to take on some more. Also if you would like to see the body of some of my work on this here second hand blog space, or if you just missed it all head over to Salty’s Corner . Dave has been kind enough to make it a thing. See you there?

Take care. Salty out.

10 thoughts on “A Salty Return

    1. Indeed, i tried running independant, but my tech skills obliterated two of those coputer thinga magicks, so ive had to rely on Dave’s just above survival pc skills to just write what you read here… Salty

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    1. While i do like the sound of that i do not think i will be able to commit to posting on sundays alone. Dave already has his sherlock slot for that. Great idea tho John thank you. Salty

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    1. I like the ring of that as well. But like I said in a previous reply, i do not want to commit to one certain day per say, but will see how it all goes. Thank you for stopping by Jenn- Salty

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