Metal Monday – Eluveitie – Your Gaulish War

Welcome to Metal Monday. Today’s song is a bit old. I discovered this band waaaay back when Facebook was not the monster it is today, there was a sort of app then that you could state your favorite bands and it would give you recommendations to others sounding the same. Eluveitie back then was just starting out and I think I was one of the first people to have come into contact with them. These days they are quite popular as Pagan and Folk Metal has enjoyed quite the rise in stature. Just look at Heilung these days… Eluveitie are a Swiss Folk Metal band that has had quite the line up change throughout the years. I can not say I know the newer stuff all too well they do seem to be inspred by the Celts tho wich is always welcome in my books. I always come back to this song when I am in the mood and I have to say, reading and playing The Witcher the last couple of weeks, I feel it fits right into the mood there.

Anyway, enough jabbering, Enjoy!

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