Guys! I have never really believed in manifesting something to happen, but it seems some one out there happened upon my blog, or it was just pure coincidence. Not long after my Favour for a Friend post went up, I was on Ebay just doom scrolling through some possible new books I could add to that collection. Lo and behold, I chanced upon a person that was selling these books in batches of 5! Whaat!!!!! I got my first batch of five in on Wednesday already and it is very safe to say that there is another order pending…

What was cool about this particular sale is that all books are still sealed in original packaging and only one book that has a little damage to a small corner, but I am happy with how it arrived. What was equally cool is that I now own spines 36-40 and none of them are doubles of what I already have on the shelf so that is a bonus. My aim to get this collection done and dusted looks a lot more doable at the moment…

Let us have a look.


Salamander is a book I already have read. as far back as 2012 when I was not nearly as clued in as I am now. I have it on my shelf as part of an omnibus for the Salamanders Legion, only about a thousand pages or so… I think I have a review of it I copy pasted to WP when I started the blog up back in 2016 (its been that long?). Salamanders is the bind up of all three books. I will be happy to give this a re read some time and see what I think.


Malodrax is another book I reviewed 4 years ago. Its an Imperial Fists novel where one individual is held captive by Iron Hands Warriors. This is also part of the Space Marines Battles series, the picture you’ll be familiar with when I do my reading plans posts:


Does it mean I am going to get rid of the soft cover book? Not Likely as Malodrax was quite a good read for me.

Death of Antagonis

I have never heard of the Black Dragons, maybe its a succession legion one of the other better known main Legions. They apparently go up against Chaos alongside Sisters of Battle (read Nuns with GUNS). Sounds like it’ll be a good read too. This is also a in the Space Marines Battles series.

Sons of Corax

I am not sure if this novel follows on any others, I have this novel in a different print but have actively kept from reading it as I wanted to read the Horus Heresy novel, Deliverance Lost, first. Now that that is over, I think I can easily go into this novel with some Raven Guard background in the back of my mind.

Scars 40K L

Not too long ago I got a paperback copy of this novel seeing as Jenn and I are on book 21 of the Horus Heresy, Scars being nr.28, I am happy to have this in the Legends collection now as well. Scars for those that do not know to much about HH or WH refers to the White Scars, a loyalist Legion that I have not read an aweful lot about of yet, so we will see how this goes. While each Space Marine Legion has its own source of inspiration that they draw from or are inspred of the White Scars are sort of Mongolian Samurai? I am speaking under a lot of correction here, that is what I have gleamed from the little bit of interactions I have read where they were involved thus far. Maybe Scars will give me a good schooling, we will have to see.

Vamp D

And lastly, seeing as Salty seems to be on a roll, I got him a VAMPIRE audio book from Net Galley. I have heard some curses coming from the basement as he is busy with a review of another Vampire novel. If that is a good or bad sign, we will all have to wait and see. As far as I know, Vampire Hunter D is quite an older Animation, I do not know a lot about it, but we will see what Salty makes of it.

And there you have it folks. A few new books added to the pile. At least two of these I have already had the pleasure of reading. I might do re-reviews of them, but when I can honestly not say.

Take care.

15 thoughts on “Books!

  1. That is fantastic news about the WH books. Not that I’m being serious, but I’d be tempted to skip the rent and buy more books 😉

    And I hope Salty survives Vampire Hunter D. I read a couple until I hit some incest/rape situations. I think the first book was ok and I enjoyed the anime movie a lot.

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