Genevieve Undead – Jack Yeovil


Published: 1993
Publisher: Black Library
Pages: 320
Series: The Vampire Genevieve #2
Format Read: Physical Copy


Dark and terrible secrets may be found lurking within the cities of the Old World and the savage wilderness that surrounds them. Genevieve Dieudonné, vampire heroine of Drachenfels, battles to outwit adversaries both magical and mundane, human and beast, in this series of three linked novellas: Stage Blood, The Cold Stark House and Unicorn Ivory.

After her return from Drachenfels, Genevieve Dieudonne, the vampire femme fatale, embarks on an odyssey of self-discovery in which she must face monsters and magicians, intrigue and evil. Her journey takes her from the depths of an old theater to an accursed mansion under a deadly gothic spell, and finally to the hunt of a savage unicorn mare through haunted forests.



There has been a lack of reviews coming from Dave so I thought I could kick of with one of my own. This book has been gathering webs and dust on Dave’s shelf seeing as he got it so far back as May 2019… The fact that it had VAMPIRE on the cover intrigued me so I asked his wife to get it down me, it’s quite high on the shelf and I am  not that tall, a full four heads shorter than Dave’s Milou…

Jack Yeovil, for those that do not know, is a pseudonym for Kim Newman, a man that has written quite a lot of books about vampires. I hope I can get to those too some time. Genevieve Undead is a second book in a series within the Warhammer Old World setting. It was not a complete novel, it was a compilation of three short stories. I wish it could’ve stated that on the back so I could’ve been prepared for it. Where all the stories weave a little bit extra padding to who exactly Genevieve was, it did not such a good job as with the first book that these stories sprang of from. I am now no where nearer to understanding who she is, which sucks. Jack does a good job of capturing the classical Vampire tropes that I DO like reading about, but at the same time bored me to near tears with the silly shit he put the Vampire through.

Story one Stage Blood was about the play Detlef, the playwright from the first book, was constructing to re-enact the events of book one. While all of this was going on, a mask from the ruins of that first novel found it’s way to a helpless victim, said mask carried some form of evil essence from the bad man Genevieve and co. thwarted and it sent the victim on a coarse of revenge to Kill Detlef and co. Meanwhile the theatre where the play will be taking place, we get to read about some of the rehearsals and how it all fits together. There is also a mysterious monster that lurks behind all the trap doors and hidden passage ways that I found kinda interesting as the being was also a sort of Slaaneshi spawn, but with no ill will towards the humans that inhabited the theatre, it was just there observing all the plays. That was kinda cool. Genevieve was not really in this story apart from the fact that she and Detlef were now all of a sudden lovers. There were quite a few raunchy sexy time scenes in this short, not only limited to the one pair. Was quite odd reading that in a Warhammer novel, I have never heard Dave state that there was any sex happening in this setting he is so overly obsessive with. Anyway, Genevieve was only briefly seen trying to hunt down the Trap Door Demon, while there was a miss communication that it was not something that wished ill will on others, it merely lived for the theatre. I did like the parts where I saw inclings of Jekyll and Hyde plots thrown into the mix here. Stage Blood was easily the better part of the three combined stories in my eyes. It ends where problems are resolved and Genevieve states that it is over between Detlef and her. I mean who would think a relationship between a human and a 600 year old Vampire trapped in the body of a sixteen year old would last further than a few pages?

Story two I can not remember even what it was called and I cant ask Milou again to get the book for me as her and Dave are away for the weekend and I am cat sitting Oi, but Oi is a professional sitter so I don’t exactly know what it is they wanted me to do. The second story, oh, something along the lines of Cold Start House? I had no idea wtf was going on here. An old Vampire that likes DRAMA that mind controls other lesser Vampires all in a plot to make them fight among one another for “who gets the goods” apart from one guy that luckily ends up having sex with Genevieve there was not all that lots of goods to get… Genevieve that was supposed to be a main character turns into a submissive servant to an older vampire and just barely lifts a finger close to the end realising it was all just 50 pages of mind fuckery… I have to say, it was not a bad story and I liked certain Gothic parts of this story, but it was not a good story either.

Unicorn Ivory was another weird one. Genevieve is sent as a spy with another unfortunate soul that she also shares a bed with purely for the fact that its part of the “cover story” they are enacting to get to a certain target. Stuff happens at a hunting lodge and the main guy they are after gets a real kick out of hunting. While it is stated they are going Unicorn hunting it turns into a “I saw my partner having sex with a friend and for that human is back on the priority list”. I am not making this shit up, I swear… Genevieve also did not do much in this story apart from take verbal abuse from the main person her and her partner/ brain dead side kick were after, it was quite sad.

Genevieve Undead was a bit of a mixed batch, while I did get some kicks out of little parts from each story, I only gave this book a 3 out of 5. 3 because it contained 3 stories. I went into this review quite pissed of at the book, but at second glance I think what I got from it was sort of unexpected yet expected. I am confused as to what state of mind Yeovil was when he penned these, but I am not going to judge. I can only recommend this for those that do not believe my summaries of the shorts. See for yourself I say, give Salty a call if you need a shoulder to cry on.

Now I am of on my next Vampire adventure, wish me Luck!

12 thoughts on “Genevieve Undead – Jack Yeovil

  1. Sounds like “Jack” was going through some involuntary celibacy times.
    I must say, that is one thing I’ve appreciated about the WH40K stuff I’ve read, no sex scenes to deal with…

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    1. Good call man. I was just eyeing him there nice and comfortable like. I even warmed up me cheeckies so as to do so. But had a read up on it and saw that it was indeed not intended that i should Actually sit on hom😅

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  2. Oh, Salty, are you developing a soft side? Maybe it’s the cat 😉 This books sounds seriously trashy, but your trashing is somewhat delicate this time around 😉 Thanks for the warning, tho, I’ll keep well away from this!

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    1. Have to say with that Oi cat, one does have to be somewhat delicate… That thing scares the shit outa me😅. Yeah this book wont be for everyone. I have just finished another Vamp novel, some what trashy too, yet I liked it. Wtf is going on with me? Has Dave rubbed of on me too much🤔? Thank you for stopping by- Salty.

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      1. Sorry that lol came out of nowhere. Thank you Ola, always look forward to your comments. Writing reviews is hard some times specially if the cat your supposed to be sitting on sits on you…

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