Metal Monday – Drudkh – The Nocturnal One

If you do not know by now, war broke out between two countries just before the weekend. A war that has put the whole world on alert mode apart from idiots on tik tok and people refusing to believe there is life outside their homes. War is not a thing to take lightly, frankly it scares the shit out of me. I cannot pretend to be able to relate to what people are subjected too in those conditions, but the fact that it happens on a daily bases around the world, in some cases known to the rest of the world, in others completely off the radar. I am not one to to make my blog a platform for political and agenda pushing and I am not trying to come across as doing so now with this post, but since I was informed of the invasion of Ukraine my only thought was reaching out to artists I know and love from the country. I can assure you that Drudkh has been on my mind since the first missile dropped, even before that. My thoughts are with everyone that has been and will be affected by the actions of Russia either directly and indirectly. For today’s song introduction I will copy and paste what the record label Seasons of Mist states on the YouTube page for this song.

Also for today I won’t be including lyrics as I do not understand the language and I do not like using google translate for things I do not know and am unsure of it translates correctly into English.

Stay strong everyone.

“”Ukrainian black metal stalwarts DRUDKH are now releasing the official music video for the new song, “The Nocturnal One”. The video was originally not slated for release until later this year, along with a new record from the band. However, due to the increasingly dangerous situation in their homeland, being situated in the epicentre of the invasion, the band has requested that the video be released immediately as sign of Ukrainian resistance.

DRUDKH has always shown unwavering pride for their country through their music. This poignant statement is a testament to their fighting spirit and love for their homeland. The new record and its details will be revealed in time. Due to vinyl plant delays, the album release is delayed until late 2022.

Season of Mist has been in contact with Drudkh over the phone today.

They stated the following:
“Even though we weren’t supposed to share any statement or music until later this year, we are grateful to get this new track out here today. It represents HOPE, may it strengthen those who need it.”

Our hearts go out to Drudkh and all our Ukrainian artists.””

17 thoughts on “Metal Monday – Drudkh – The Nocturnal One

  1. Thank you for this post. I believe this is something even for non-political blogs to mention. I’m a few countries closer to this war, and I know many Ukrainians, so I’m hugely affected, watching news 24/7, donating amounts of money that actually affect my budget, and I joined a huge demonstration held yesterday in my city. Long live Ukraine and its artists!
    One of my favourite Ukrainian bands is… calmer than Drudkh 😉 Here’s their NPR Tiny Desk:

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    1. I’ll give them a listen shortly man. And no thank you is needed. I believe a lot of people are behind Ukraine. I will be running Ukraine metal posts for as long as this thing goes on if need be. What Drudkh also did was feature texts of famous poets within their music. Famous not to me, but maybe you will know more of them, Spotify only sites Schevchenco or someone by that name.

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      1. Taras Shevchenko, Ukraine’s bard and an important early voice for Ukrainian independence. Many nations have THE most important poet whose significance endures for centuries, for Ukraine it’s supposed to be Shevchenko 🙂

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    2. Where these people in anyway also included in the Witcher soundtrack? Second song on this vid could have easily been included in the Gwent sessions. Great recommend man.

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      1. Thanks! I’ve seen them live 🙂 I don’t think they participated in the Witcher soundtrack, but their genre is folk, and East-European folk inspired music of Witcher heavily. If you’ve seen the Witcher concert video, among the performers there is a group of Ukrainian artists…

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  2. Great song and the video is very cool as well 😎

    My thoughts are also with everyone who has been and will be affected by this war. But between the fact I don’t really know the region, it’s peoples or politics very well, and the fact there is a hell of a lot of propaganda flying around, it’s difficult to know or say much else from my point of view. I’ve seen a number of people trying to make childish comparisons to superhero movies and fantasy books. If only life were as simple as fiction. This is the real world. War is brutal and complicated. I wish for as many as possible to come out of it safe and well.

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    1. Thank you for tuning in Janice. There will always be false propaganda and people questioning the truth even if it stares them straight in the eye. I am also not clued up on the culture and history apart from knowing it has been going on for a long time.

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    1. Estrangement, Blood in our Wells and Autumn Aurora are my favorite albums. But i played through the whole discography at work today. Love each of their songs.


      1. Just relistened to AA and microcosmos. Good albums for sure. If you haven´t, do check out Hvis Lyset Tar Oss and Filosofem by Burzum, the originator of this style.


  3. Love the idea to support them through your blog without getting too political on your blog about it man. It’s a scary time to be living in. Just when you’d think a pandemic was already too much. Thanks for sharing, man.

    P.S. As I mentioned to your wife earlier, I’m going to be starting a solo blogging adventure and slowly transitioning to it going forward. Considering that you’ve stuck around for a pretty long time and I always appreciate whatever thoughts you have that you share with me, I’d love it if you followed me there going forward. Take care!

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