The Land Time Forgot – Edgar Rice Burroughs

LAnd time Forgot

Published: 1918
Publisher: No Idea
Pages: 148
Series: Caspac #1
Format Read: Audble
Duration: 3h 55mins


Off the coast of Greenland, a man finds a floating thermos bottle. Wedged tightly inside is a sheaf of papers covered with minute handwriting. As he begins to read, a fantastic tale begins to unwind. The writer, on his way to a WWI battlefield was shipwrecked and his entire regiment except for a woman and his faithful dog are killed. The three are rescued by a passing British tug, but fall prey to the schemes of a German spy aboard. They are then captured by the crew of a German U-boat.

After many near mishaps, they sail towards Greenland. Stranded, with fuel in short supply, they spot an island that seems washed by a warm-water current. As they sail closer, they spot a decomposing human body. Nevertheless, they decide to disembark. An amazing world greets them – filled with lush tropical vegetation, giant reptiles, exotic species and most frightening of all, a race of sub-human Neanderthals….

First published as a three-part serial in The Blue Book magazine in 1918, The Land that Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs is the first in his Caspak Trilogy. These stories are located in the fictitious island of Caprona, which is called Caspak in the native language of its inhabitants.


Some time last year I gave this series a go, but because it was also on Audible and Audible sucks at stating that a book is number 1,2 or 3 in a series, I ended up reading the second book in the series. I had an oke time with it and said to myself I would try the first book out soon as I saw it some where for free. Well, recently Audible released a bunch of free new books on Milou’s Audible subscription. Guess what I added to the pile…

Land that Time Forgot started sort of interesting and fizzled out into something that grated on my annoyance levels. Maybe it is because the current world view of what was accepted back then in accordance to now has somehow rubbed of on me too and I also have had to start watching what I say before I say anything for fear that people might call me a chauvinistic neanderthal pig. Yes, this book is a little bit dated. It was written more than a hundred years ago, in a different time, for people that needed their spirits lifted by tales so outlandish and not caring about stuff like insta love and the inclusion of all the sexual tags that is a must like with today’s books. No, Land that time Forgot is a story of a message in a bottle found by a man, written by a man with one thing on his brain, a woman obviously…

WWI happened to the man behind the letter, but he managed to save a girl from drowning this, only happens as the man from the note clearly states that he first had a good look at her and decided that he was in love… UUUUUGH. FFS, save a maiden take a maiden hey? Well to his surprise the woman was betrothed to a German already, a German that was on their ship that was blown up. Did not seem to phase the note writing guy too much, I guess love can be blind at times. In this case the whole duration of this book. Throw a hard life changing threat at a man and the first thing he will think of is where to stick his dick in? Is that what it means to be a man? And does every woman in classic books have to be virgins? Why cant there just be sluts too, just looking for a good time?

“Where were the dinosaurs?”, you might ask. Well the note guy was so caught up in getting some panty action that we just a few glimpses of that, not of the panty though, I meant the Dino’s. Sigh, I think I have to go because the more I think of this novel the more of a pervert I feel I am becoming. Think its shower time. I gave this a 2 out of 5 on GR seems the neanderthal in me felt bad for the lack of panty- I mean dinosaurs. At least they made the cover.

33 thoughts on “The Land Time Forgot – Edgar Rice Burroughs

  1. Sounds like I’ll be giving this one a skip!
    I dunno, the more I read older books, the happier I am that the world, and literature, has matured beyond panty-grabbing, cheap, thrills.

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    1. Your talking gods of mars? I saw them available for free too. But now i dont know anymore. This was considered pulp fiction back in the day, but maybe i am just not made fore it


      1. I mean… it was made in the 70’s and so it is still dated. It was amusing, and fun to watch once? It doesn’t compare to modern movies in terms of dinosaur effects, but I always find it fascinating to see how older movies handle special effects like that.

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  2. Based on this I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to read this one (maybe if it had more dinosaurs!). That said I really enjoyed Princess of Mars and it’s sequels. Yes, they’re just daft pulp but it’s an entertaining story about a normal, relatable guy having an adventure with his friends (some of which are admittedly multi-armed giant aliens) and fighting to protect the woman he loves. So what if it isn’t very profound, not every book needs to change your life! 😀 

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