Metal Monday – IGNEA – Alga

IGNEA is a Ukrainian melodic metal band formed in Kyiv in 2013. The band mixes different heavy metal subgenres, the main of which are melodic death metal, symphonic metal, progressive metal, and folk metal. I went on a bit of a youtube death scroll yesterday checking out each and every one of this band’s songs all of them being strong contenders for today. If you like Within Temptation, Nightwish, and can handle a little bit of brutal death growls coming from a woman, you are in for a treat.

Alga has mostly clear vocals on today’s and I felt it a fitting song for the currrent situation that is still going on in Ukraine. I hope the people are safe. Personally I got a few Deadlock vibes from some of the songs and that is all fine by me. Normally I am not too into female fronted metal bands, but exeptions can be made and I count Ignea among them.

Stay strong.


Million days and nights before
When only tarpans ruled this world
Our nomad fathers took it in their hands

Warm from coddling sun by day
Cooled by sea breezing by nights
It is loved so hard that our heart just lights

No one can take our land from us, it is our home
And no one can decide for us, leave us all alone
We will hold arms to death until the last of us stands still
We will destroy and crush all foes, we’ll shout ‘Alga!’ and kill!

Violet lilacs fill the woods,
Meadows full of grass and fruits
Mountain peaks of limestone pierce the blue-blue sky

Stormy waves crash on the rocks,
Grapes entwine the antic scree
How can one not love this land of sun and sea?

How dare you godless bastards step on my land?
How dare you touch my daughters and sons?
This will be your last steps unless you turn,
Put your two-headed eagle in your ass and run!

13 thoughts on “Metal Monday – IGNEA – Alga

  1. Interesting fact – two-headed eagle from the song is the symbol of imperial Russia, still in their coat of arms. May the invaders shove it up their asses and run back to Moscow, indeed!

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      1. You’re doing a great job, it’s important to show the Ukrainians not only as victims, but also interesting people that create culture worth everybody’s attention. I’m inspired and just now decided to write a review of a recently read Ukrainian novel…

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  2. Well, about Putin and the bastard’s ability to attack a NATO country:

    “Two friends are discussing current politics:
    – What’s new around the world?
    – NATO fights Russia
    – And how are things going?
    – Russia lost several thousand men, including elite paratroopers, over a hundred planes and helicopters, a few hundred tanks and fighting vehicles, three floating units, most of the value of the ruble, IKEA, McDonald’s, and is going bankrupt soon…
    – And NATO?
    – NATO hasn’t moved in yet”

    Russia has no chance of a successful conventional attack against a NATO country at this point. And if the war goes nuclear… you’re just as much at risk as I am 😉 Lets hope they’re not that crazy in Kremlin.

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