March 2022 Recap

I know I keep saying this at the end of each month, but I am going to keep on doing so. Where has the month gone??? March has been one of the busiest months so far with quite a lot of goings ons in our personal lives. On the 16th Milou and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. We also made the 16th Oi’s birthday as no one knows his actual birth date seeing that he was picked up of the streets when he was around a year old. I got notified by the Dutch authorities that my application for becoming a Dutch citizen was successful and that I can expect an invitation for the ceremony any time now in the next twelve weeks (we are about two and a half weeks into this period now). I got the letter two days before Milou and I celebrated our anniversary so we had quite a few things to celebrate during the eve we went out for dinner. March also meant that its been two years since I last saw South Africa. I haven’t been there since the first lock down hit us. Even though I do miss my family and friends a lot, I am more than happy to say that being adopted by the Dutch community does give me a warm feeling. Soon I shall travel to my motherland as a tourist. Quite a weird thing to feel. But I am happy. 

img_2985Rare picture of a happy family.

Blog wise things were also not that busy as work and life took priority over blogging. I have so many book reviews that I still need to get too and I am unsure if I will be able too get to them all as well as having, or knowing what to say about them. I read two aweful books this month as well as a few good ones. I am still struggling to get through Fear to Tread, but I am getting close to the end at least…

Season has started and the amount of online orders we process has more than doubled which means that certain products came back and needs checking a lot more than usual as transport companies we work with make errors, or clients do not like what they bought, or a wooden house that has been standing neglected in the backyard during winter time comes back as the owner does not “feel” like giving it a sanding and re-coating of weather proof paint. Some of our products have a 5-10 year guarantee which means now is the time that I am getting a lot of customer complaints to deal with as people can start going outside again. Needles to say, I am pretty knackered when I get home in the evening… On a positive note, March also saw my first year anniversary of working where I work, so like I said, busy month for me…

Lets look at the posts you might’ve seen or missed during this past month:


Blaze of GloryJudge Dredd: Blaze of Glory

This was a weird but fun book in the Judge Dredd universe. Each quirky story had a comedic punchline uttered by Dredd that we would not normally see coming from him. I liked this quite a lot.

LAnd time ForgotThe Land Time Forgot – Edgar Rice Burroughs

This pissed me of more than it should’ve. Insta love in WW2 with a promise of Dinosaurs and not delivering in this dated novel, just ground my gears.

DinocalypseDinocalypse Now – Chuck Wendig

Based of off a boardgame I never heard of and will probably never play as the characters in this were so one dimensional it irritated me into the sixth dimension…

Way of houshusbandWay of the Houshusband – Kousuke Oono

After all the bad dino books this was a breath of fresh air. I laughed and I loved going through Vol.1. Will be looking out for more of these at some point.

The RisingThe Rising – Ian Tregillis

Book two in the Alchemy Wars series, it continued the journey of wayward automaton Jaxx on his journey to discover what it means to be free. Alternate History with a great twist and lost of colourful swearing. I am hoping I can finish the third and last book in the series this year.

Dorian GayThe Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde

Dorian is quite a profound read. Lots of philosophical questions and utterances in this one, added onto that Wilde’s amazing writing skills that was so far above my pay grade that I was confused and entertained at the same time while the whole while not knowing why. Did Wilde invent Philosophical, psychological horror? 

Metal Monday:

As the world seems to have made peace with the fact that there is a war going on and the best everyone can do is say ‘oh that is bad’, the war is still going on. I do not know if it is going to stop any time soon, but I tried doing my small part by highlighting some Ukrainian bands. I missed last monday as Milou and I were away and I did not schedule posts before that. I will be continuing to share more Metal from the country. Keep strong Ukraine!

1914 – …and a Cross now Marks His Place
IGNEA – Alga
Jinjer – Pisces

New Books:

Got another ten books for my 40K Legends collection. Happy with them so far. I will be continuing my hunt for them till I have all of the first 80. I can try worry about the last twenty later. I lso picked up two more Judge Dredd comics from NetGalley. 

Six more for the Collection…
Six on Sunday
A Dredd-full haul…

Salty’s Corner:

Salty did say he was going to be more active in February,  but with me not being home so much he struggled getting in, his height and the length from the floor to the doorknob being quite a challenge for him. He did, however, try lighten the mood with another of his burning questions posts. 

Salty’s Burning Questions #2

And that was my month all done. I will be working on some reading plans for the rest of the day as well as seeing if I can finish up Fear to Tread. Hope you all have a great day.

15 thoughts on “March 2022 Recap

  1. Wow, that is a LOT to celebrate!!!! That is really fantastic.

    I wouldn’t worry about blogging right now. With the shenanigans wordpress is pulling right now, I don’t know what hte future holds 😦

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Basically, you don’t have the options for upgrading for space, cheaply, any more. It’s free or expensive (180 a year us dollars). So figure out how to save space 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Jeez. I guess ima gonna start 3 seperate blogs then. On for posting one to link pictures too and one for Salty’s own blog. Oh and an extra one for my miniatures… also fogot to mention i primed my first six mini’s

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Just be aware, that if you start a new blog, it will only have 500mb of space, not the 3gb. Only your wordaholics blog now has 3gb 😦

        And also be aware that if you use one blog to just host pictures, WP will probably ban your account. THe guy who I linked to (the second link under my avatar at the end) had this discussion with WP on the forums and that was what he was told, hence why he was looking at other options. So if you want to stay at WP, look at either dropbox or a google blog to host your pictures. It’s a real mess 😦

        Congrats! What color did you prime them and how did you do it?

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on the citizenship! Welcome to the EU-citizens family 🙂

    The WP thing is depressing… if only there was a way to move somewhere as a group, there’s nothing I’m committed to on WP servers, but the community of bloggers and commentators is sth that seems impossible to re-create somewhere else.

    I suck at technical stuff, but is just one stupid company, maybe there are some alternatives to host your blog. lists some alternatives, I might look into it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its going to suck the same wah as when they first introduced block editor. I’ll be happy to move with every one, but i need it to be an easy workable site. Thanks for accepting me as part of the EU family🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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