April 2022 Reading Plans

April is upon us and I have already started a few things as well as been stuck with the same book for nearly 3 months. I hope to finish that one today. Starting this April I am in the process of doing a read along with three fellow bloggers. More on that below… I am also starting a project with Stooge  this month but details for that will follow later. I am exited and stressed at the same time as I have just been made aware the WORDPRESS is pressing the wrong fucking buttons again. Corporate greed is a thing and it needs to fucking die. Soon as possible because this news has made me even more hesitant on cracking on with the big backlog of reviews I still have pending. Anyway let’s have look at April.

Currently Reading:

Fear to Tread

I feel like I’ve been reading this for the last four months now. Book is good, but time is limited. in the time I have started this I have completed Moby Dick, two really bad Dinosaur books, a SJW induced 40K novel, and The Rising . All on Audible tho. I only have weekends off and then I tend to sleep in a little so by the time I am ready to get cracking noon is already staring me in the face. I am going to try finish this today though. This is also book 21 in the Horus Heresy, I know Jenn stated that she would be happy if we can get halfway through this series this year. I am going to try hard…

sword of destiny

Another buddy read I am doing with Jenn. This is another collection of short stories following the Witcher Gerald. I am enjoying them so far, but there is one character that kinda grinds my gears a bit. Having been playing The Witcher Wild Hunt since early January and still playing it now has really made me appreciate these books a little bit more. This is a very adult focused fantasy series, but it does have some juvenile jokes and themes that are thrown into the mix.


Who does not know the Illiad? Seeing as I finished Dorian Grey and Moby Dick last month, I am still going through the classics that completely passed me in my upbringing. We did not have these stories in school, which is both kinda a blessing and a sadness as I know I would’ve probably hated it then. Illiad plays in the background as I work and so far I am still at the begining. This is some epic poem though so we will have to see how well I remember most of it.

Spidey 4

In the second Spiderman comic, Spidey was commenting on how he needed villians with a challenge, he was getting bored with thugs and robbers, then in #3 they introduced Doc Oc and Spidey nearly got his ass handed to him on a bionic armed silver platter. I am thinking that Sandman is going to be another difficult one for Spidey. We shall see!

Other Reading Plans:

NSXE1575 As stated in the opening part of this post. I have started a read along group with three fellow bloggers on Goodreads. Jenn and I are behind but soon as Sword of Destiny is done my wife Milouand Mark will be joining us for the rest of the series. I am quite exited for this, I stated earlier this week that it feels kinda unreal hosting a read along and I am not even a booktuber… If any one else would like to join in feel free to send me a mail.

Shadows of treachery

Book 22 in H.H, Jenn and I’s goal for this year was to read at least nine novels in the series. we are on 2 so far (soon as I get through Fear to Tread). I have this book on Audible though as it is yet again short stories. I’ll also be happy to continue the series. We will just have to see how the life and time scales tip this month.

Gothgul Hollow

Lastly Jenn and I have been in talks of pairing up to read this novel as well. As far as I know it isn’t that big of a novel, so it should be doable. And if not this month, we try the next, what say you Jenn?

I am going to stop myself at the seven book mark for this month. It looks like a lot already but I think I can manage it. Already some way away in the Witcher one and I have under 100 pages to go in Fear to Tread. Here’s hoping I’ll finish it today.

Have a good Sunday everyone.

14 thoughts on “April 2022 Reading Plans

  1. I wonder how you’ll like the Iliad… I read part at school, and it was too early. I’ve read multiple retellings, but never the whole original thing

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    1. Currently on audiobook for me, so its going great. I used to count myself a decent poet too so i am more appreciative of the form, though I did not get schooled in that form so what i consider good wont be the opinion of others…

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  2. I’ve only read Homer as text. I know I couldn’t do it as an original poem. Best of luck!

    Today is looking busy, but I’ll try to shoot that email off to you this evening and we can go from there.

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  3. I just finished reading and reviewing the Witcher books. My review won’t be out for a few weeks though. Will be interesting to compare thoughts.

    WordPress seem to have gone insane with this new update. I’m quite pissed off. My subscription runs into the winter, then I doubt I will be paying anymore. Will have to move my domain and set up a portfolio elsewhere. Right pain in the arse 🙄

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    1. Yeah, it sucks Janice. For some one like me that has only been using this the last four years it becomes a hassle tho as i am quite inept when it comes to other sites and setting up blogging things…

      Looking forward to reading your witcher thoughts. Did you like some of it at least?

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      1. I loved the prequels. Thought the main series had a lot to like about it… but goes downhill a lot, IMO. I rant about it in detail in the review 😂

        I’ve got my website through WordPress as well as a blog, but I can’t afford their new plan, I could only just about justify the one I have and can get much cheaper elsewhere. Hopefully the free blogs will be worth keeping and if it comes to it people will find ways to game the storage issue 😉

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  4. What is WordPress doing now?
    Is it time to try self hosting again!?

    Which is the SJW Infested Warhammer book you’re stuck on.

    As for the buddy reads, you know I am happy to go with the flow and pick up book as/when other people are. Always have time and room in my schedule for buddy reads!

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    1. Stooge has written about it, as well as a few other bloggers i follow. WP is going full on retard and wanting extortion money for your pictures storage.

      SJW was Rite of Passage, homosexual psykers/navogators, strong independant woman (not that I had a problem with it). Idiot men all around (i have a problem with that)…

      I know we are laid back with the reading. Thats why i like buddy reading woth you so much🙂

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      1. I’ll have a snoop at what Stooge has to say about it. Just irksome that WP is being a bag of dicks.

        I’ll see if I can stomach reading it. GW/BL does seem to be heading down the SJW line. Sometimes for the better… sometimes not.

        Same here. It’s nice we get to encourage one another without too much added pressure!

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      2. Passage was by an author that i did kinda like before he started writing for BL. Mike brooks wrot the Alpharius primarch novel if i am not mistaken


      3. He did, yes.
        He has written his own fantasy series that involves a lot of complicated pronouns from what I’ve been told too.
        Not a bad writer but he does seem to let his political opinions feed into his writing a bit too much.

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