So Milou and I just came back from a little two day trip from Rotterdam where we went to go see the British comedian Russel Howard live. The show itself was quite a scream, my cheeks were slightly hurting by the end of the show from the laughing. Milou and I also went to Amsterdam a few weekends back and I have not had time to sit down to show of some new books I have already added to my own little Black Library. I also got 10 books in from my E-bay seller the week after our Amsterdam trip so I am going to throw it all in here in here as a collected haul. Seeing as my post for using images from Instagram worked on my previous review on Fear to Tread, I will be using that format for the 40K Legends books and then talk a little of each title I got. 

40K Legends Collection:

I now own books 6 through to 15 in completed form, in a previous post I collected books 1-5 so I am really happy with this. The books were once again very professionally packaged and got to me in a neat condition. I have had contact with with the E-bay seller telling me that he has been so happy with my patronage that we can talk on a deal for the last four bundles so that he knows the books at least goes to a good home and a person that appreciates them. He was also happy that all the books he has offered up so far went towards a goal for completing the set, so that was quite nice to hear. I’ll probably still be missing an odd book here and there, but I have, thanks to Phil and Ebay come way closer to finalising the dream of at least owning most of the original 80 books in the series. Hunting books 81-100 will probably come at a later stage. For now, you can bet your ass that you have the chance to see it sort of completed here on Wordaholicanonymous one day, I hope at least.

Dark Apostle, Disciple-and Creed:
This is a three part series from the Word Bearers perspective. While I was very iffy that I would like them when I started the Horus Heresy, they have garnered a sort of sympathy from me. They are the original orcistrators of why the Heresy sort of started in the first place after all and I have heard mention that Jenn also owns this series, so another buddy read with her on another series will come some time in the future. I am happy I have this completed trilogy within the collection now.

Nightbringer, Warriors of Ultramar, Dead Sky Black Sun:

These three books are 1-3 in the 6 part(?) Ultamarines series written by Graham McNeil and focuses on Captain Uriel Ventris on his many escapades within the 40K universe. Nightbringer I read and own in a different print and I have held of from reading the rest till I could find the third book Dead Sky Black Sun, again, very happy they are part of this collection now. It is going to be fun to get to read them for the blog.

Horus Rising, False Gods, Galaxy In Flames:

These are the first three books that start of the Horus Heresy, that are in most cases recommended for reading if one wants to get some glimpse as to what it all implies along the way I have sort of found other books that might have worked way beter in that regard first one to come to mind is First Heretic that looks at why the Wordbearers turned traitors right at the start of it all. 

I have already reviewed these three and will share the links for any one interested in reading older reviews and looking at the art work from Horus Rising. I might Have to update False Gods and Galaxy in Flames so their artwork will be viewable too, or leave that for a re-read of the first three books, we will see:

Horus Rising- Dan Abnett
False Gods – Graham McNeill
Galaxy In Flames – Ben Counter


I loved this small novella that I reviewed here on the blog a long time ago. That print I had also had it’s own pictures, so it will be interesting to see what the 40K Legends book has, if it differs or not. I will run a updated review on it once I re-read this novel again. For now you can read the original review Khârn: Eater of Worlds- Anthony Reynolds here.

Amsterdam Haul:

As I said, and failed, I try to limit my book purchases to only spending it on the Ebay books, but when we went to Amsterdam last week, I got two new books. One an omnibus of a Dark Elf I have been very interested in reading about and my first 40K codex. Now, as I have no idea what I am going to do with a codex yet, and what it means for having it, Milou pointed out that it was cheap and the artwork in there is worth the price alone. I believe these books normally sell at quite High prices so getting it for under ten Euro I see as a steal…

malus vol1

Set in Old World Warhammer, this follows a Dark Elf called Malus. I have heard good things from it from my oldest brother so I am exited to get to it at some point.


Pictures of H.R Giger inspired biomechanical alien swarms of all shapes and sizes. I’ve had a look at it so far and all I think when looking at it all is that I fear my painting skills of the miniatures will never be as good as it is in this book.


Deathwatch omni

It is no secret that I like the Deathwatch faction set within the 40K universe, I have only read the two Steve Parker novels, the better one of the two also contained in this volume, but now I have a whole omnibus of other stories to look forward too. I might split these up as mini reviews as I go along. We will see.

And that was another nice haul of books and reviews you can look forward to some day reading about. I have no plans of yet to get to any one of them on the list, but when I do you’ll be sure to read it in my Reading Plans posts.

Hope every one had a good Easter and I look forward to getting back to reviews soon again, bare with me, there are a loot that need to be written still…


21 thoughts on “Amsterdaaaamn!

      1. As a person who really doesn’t like Boris’ government, it makes me love Russell all the more.

        How’re you getting on with Gobbo? I’ve finished (not written a review or anything)

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      2. 30 % into it and having a blast still. going to try read a lot the rest of the day. That is if I can resist Fallout 4 on the PS4… It literally calls to me as we speak…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I know that pain. I’m hooked on a game called ‘Slay the Spire’. It’s really hitting my reading/anything else time 😂

        I’ll write the review but wait to post it until you’re done 🙂

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  1. Wow, what a haul! And I must say, the relationship with your seller is really heartwarming! That’s the attitude I’d love to see with regards to all books 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Have to say, i am as happy as you are with the way things have gone between me and the seller. Since two books have gone missing with a different seller this one delivers the goods mighty fine

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