Sundays with Sherlock – A Matter of Shorts

I am putting this up as there will be no better time for it next week as stuff might happen and my scheduling might not go through. This is an announcement that you will be seeing some posts going up on Sundays for the duration of May, and for as long as Stooge and I can hold out. Stooge has maybe hinted at that there was a new project in the works and I may possibly already be pissing him off by jumping the gun with this post. But I just don’t see a better way of it introducing it on a different day than today. Sorry Stooge…


A few years ago I started going through the Doyle works of Sherlock and Watson. Some way into the series Stooge popped the question if I would ever be interested in watching the Cumberbatch and Freeman version of it. Stooge was in luck as both Milou and I became massive Cumberbitches because of the show. Having know about Freeman for a while now was an added bonus. We are such great Cumberbatch fans I even went and proposed to Milou after watching the first Dr Strange movie so many years ago…

The aim, if there is or was any aim, is for Stooge and I to have a look at what we remembered from the books and to see if we caught some of it during the episode that it is based of through the series. Stooge is quite far in his watching of the series and I am doing things at my own pace. The one thing I would like it to be is that the posts go up on Sunday’s, at least mine will, we will have to see how it goes. This is all just for fun and for some blogger interaction between him and myself. Stooge has been there since I started up my blog and he has stuck around while other less hardy folk have packed up and went to other better bloggers. Stooge is the friend I have never met, probably never will, yet still feels closer to family than what I can say about certain relatives of mine…

Anyhow, starting in the month of May, you can be sure there will be posts going up with both of u linking back to one another. What I can say on my “episodic reviews” is that it will probably not be that long. I’ll probably only find out that I don’t remember much from the books at all apart from names… So there you have it friends and fellow followers. Sundays with Sherlock will be returning again soon!

Hope you all have a great Sunday!

11 thoughts on “Sundays with Sherlock – A Matter of Shorts

  1. Thanks for linking to me. For some reason this didn’t show up in my reader. Now I’m going to go through your site and see if WP did that to any other posts!

    I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve seen so far of the tv series.

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    1. That is weird, i know during the week with my Heresy revie Jenn’s link also did not go through but that was a site transfer issue. Dont know why this did not work this time

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      1. What is really odd is that when I go to my followed page, it shows you there but it shows that your last post was a day or two ago. It is like this one doesn’t exist.
        One more WP screw up!

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      2. Nah, it’s not you. I’ve seen this happen before. Something gets stuck in WP’s gears. So you can either unpublish the post and then start a new one and publish the new one, or go complain on the forums that I can’t see your post in the reader.
        My guess is that the other 2 bloggers who have liked your post get an email and that if they checked they wouldn’t see your post in their reader either.

        If you don’t want to find out the underlying reason, copy this post and publish it as a new one. If you want to know what happened, go ask in the forums and you’ll eventually get an answer.
        All depends on how much time you have on your hands and how badly you want to know why this happened 😀

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