Metal Monday – Drudkh – Glare of 1768

Welkome to another metal Monday. Today I share another favourite song by Ukrainian based Drudkh. While I am not familiar with all the details of what this album signifies, I have read in some of the comments of the more better known songs that it correlates the Battle of Berestechko. That in itself also does not give me a lot to go on. Seeing as they sing in a language I do not speak this is a purely a song that I go into for the musical aspect and not focusing on the lyrics. There is some great riffing from the start and during the middle part it sounds like the guy attempts to rap a bit. I call it rap, you’ll probably just hear noise on noise… Today’s song will not be accompanied by lyrics as I do not know if google translate for it is a good viable option. Looked a bit weird when I threw it into the translator…

We are not getting as many updates any more on how the war over there is going and one cannot always trust all the news outlets. I wish it would stop already because we are supposed to be of a more civilised era are we not?

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