Metal Monday – Final Light – In the Void

Final Light is the collaborative project between James “Perturbator” Kent and Johannes Persson from Cult of Luna. Initiated by RoadBurn Festival, this one time project is everything you can expect from those two major artists.

With things going open in The Netherlands again after what has been 2 hefty years of unknowing uncertainties, we have pushed through it all. Roadburn is an annual festival taking place in Tilburg. I was in Rotterdam when it happened, but I was out having fun elsewhere. One of the highlights from Roadburn that are still on most people’s lips is the collobaration with Johannes of Cult of Luna and Perturbator. Being a kid from the 80’s synthwave is very much my thing and having sort of been indoctrinated into the world of  post Metal thanks to my love for Cult of Luna this seems like the best collaboration to be happening. Either band has the sound down and while this song gives me call back flashes to CoL’s Vertical album, it is very much a Perturbator song as well. Have to admit, that the voice over the music can and wont be for everyone. Then again, Metal Mondays are more for myself than anyone else…

Enjoy it none the less if you do check it out.


Deep beneath words have fallen.
Where its roots reach the ground.
Trees that cast no shadow.
Breeding murmur to the night.
Here in the void I hear her.
Songs delivered like a spring flood.
Here in the dark I found her.
Resting safe when I return.
Weaving threads to golden sunlight.
Planting seeds to ignite the dawn.

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