May 2022 Reading Plans

Being in May, means, as I have heard from our teamleader at work, that we are just about halfway over the peak season before it will start to quiet down a little bit. I have to say that I feel the crunch at the moment with people sending stuff back or the couriers screwing up and me being sort of the only person to deal with returned stock and customer claims for missing or broken parts. It has been a hectic few weeks the past two months and I can not see an end to the mountains of stock awaiting my attention still. As a result, I am going to plan to fail in my reading plans, but who knows. Maybe I just end up surprising myself. We will have to see. Along with some buddy reading I am also taking part in a watch along with Stooge on the Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes series.

Reviews still to come:


I finished this one just before the close of April and have not had time to write a review yet. This was a buddy read that you will be reading more about at the time of the review. It was a good one for sure!


Ive done it, another classic under the belt and what a mammoth of a book it was. I have no idea how I am going to review this book. Al I can say is that I am satisfied and proud of myself for completing it finally.

Currently Reading:

Gothgul Hollow

Gothghul Hollow is the latest Warhammer Horror novel set in the Age of Sigmar side of things. Even though I am slow in getting familiar with the setting this one is working out fine so far. I am still warming up to the characters and have yet to see the big reveal, even though it feels like I know where it is going. I am reading this with Jenn that normally accompanies me on the Horus Heresy reads.


Slowly making my way through this epic poem. I already have no clue as to how I am ever going to write a coherent review of this. Yet I am happy that I can audio book this as I can see myself having a hard time following it on paper. So far it is good. I have no exact knowledge of where I am in the book tho, lots of political things going on and the gods mingling with the mortal’s interactions.

Planned Reads:

Due to the fact that I am spending more time at work than at home I am going to go for a few audio books this month. As well as having 3 paired buddy reads with some other amazing bloggers.

Blood of elves

We will be picking this one up around the tenth of May. By we I mean, Milou, Jenn and Mark as I have stated in a previous blog. From here on out I have not one, but three companions that will either suffer, or enjoy it with me through the rest of the series. I’ll probably not be reading anything else apart from this this month.

Shadows of treachery

But in the off chance that I do get through it quick I would like Jenn and I to make a start on the next Horus Heresy book. Shadows of Treachery is book 22 in the ongoing series and will be yet another anthology. Not sure how I feel about it being another one where 20 was also one, but we will see.

Art of

Another book I’d like to finish is this sort of autobiographical book, that I thought this was going to be, but to my surprise found out its big spread pages filled with writing so that’s a bonus 235 pages worth of bonus.


Another Net Galley I’d like to finish if there is time is a graphic novel. I am very happy i got these for free and can get some nostalgia boosts for zero cents. Necropolis is a book that vaguely rings a bell for me as well as reminds me that there is still the whole Gaunts Ghosts series I have to read for review on here, oh the joys of being a book blogger!

Anyhow, this was my plans for the coming month. I cant guarantee that it will all all come fruition, but we will have to see how it all works out.

I hope you all have a great May.

10 thoughts on “May 2022 Reading Plans

  1. Yeah, better to make no plans and then have soemthing happen, than to make plans and have to break them.

    And way to go with Moby Dick. I couldn’t finish it the time I tried it, so I’m pretty impressed!

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    1. I dnfed it a few years ago after the part where Mievile was just going on an explanation of what a whale was, i could not get through it physically then, but this time around i had a narrator that helped me through it

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  2. If Melville had stuck with the narrative and not gone into the details of the whaling trade aboard ship, I would have liked the book more. It wasn’t anything to do with animal cruelty or the like, but it was completely boring. Unfortunately I had to complete the book because I was reading it for 4-week college course during the summer, so I didn’t have the luxury of time to pick another book.

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    1. You had to read this in four weeks??? Damn man, i totally agree on sticking to the narrative part. Although now that i got through it i do feel like i also learned a few new things along the way

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  3. Wow, I forgot you were reading the Iliad! I did a classics degree, and remember it as being particularly difficult of the three big ones. Have you read the Odyssey as well? Much better than the first one 😃

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