Da Gobbo´s Revenge – Mike Brooks


Published: 13 November 2021
Publisher: Black Library
Pages: 109
Series: Stand Alone
Format Read: Kindle


Fingwit is a grot.

Food, riches, prestige, some form of personal safety – all of these are alien concepts to him, stuck firmly as he is at the bottom of the high, kunnin’, and brutally violent heap that constitutes ork society, where to be a grot is to suffer endless torment.

However, when the Mek whom Fingwit unwillingly serves leads him and his fellow grots in a boarding action of an Imperial vessel as part of a vast void war, Fingwit is presented with an opportunity to become not just a hero but a legend… Da Red Gobbo.


I recieved this book from Net Galley. The fact that it was free did not influence my review in any shape or form. I would like to extend my gratitude to Net Galley as well as Black Library for making it possible to read these ARCs. THey can rest assured that I will always give an honest opinion.

Wow, just wow. Who would’ve thought that there could be such light hearted and fun reads set within the Grim Darkness of 40K and from the Orks’ perspective? Not me that is for sure. While Gobbo’s is a really short novella that I buddy read with Swords and Spectres, it was great one. It is packed full of action and orkish kulture and their way of thinking and speaking was quite a breath of fresh air, even though orks are on the stinky side of things…

Our story mainly follows Fingwit, a grot, lowest of the low in the ork race’s ranking system. He is fighting alongside his boss and their job is to take hold of the guns on the imperial ship they have boarded, as ordered by the Big Mek and how they run amok on said ship, it was great! When Mek decides to stop a few bullits with his head, he commands Fingwit to take lead over the grotkin under his command while he rests his eyes for a while. Fingwit tries his utmost best to take charge of the situation and in the process ends up becoming a legend not only to the grotkin everywhere, but I believe in quite a few people’s hearts as well. While the Orks are not a faction in 40K to be taken lightly, they are always looking for the next big fight and the harder the fighting goes, the happier they are. It was quite cool to read from their perspective too. The language and mannerisms are so funny and the fact that they exist in 40K still just makes me exited for more ork fronted books. I now regret not requesting Brutal Kunnin when it was available on NG. But that means I can look for it out there on my many book trips.

I do not know what else there can be said apart from if you want a little bit of a laugh in the 40K setting, you should most definitely pick this one up. I gave this a 4 out of 5 on GR and can highly recommend it to anyone interested looking for something else set within 40K. It is a stand alone so will do nicely. Apart from all that, I had a literal blast with this book.

Hope you all have a good day.

8 thoughts on “Da Gobbo´s Revenge – Mike Brooks

    1. There are quite a bit of laughs here and there within the grim dark. Specially when it comes to the ork perspective. Although there was a review i can remember writing where the orks were not at all stupid and quite a force to be reckoned with. Was called overfiend. Planning on re reading that at some point again.

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