The 40K Legends Collection So Far

As some of you may remember, I posted an updated shelfie of the collection I had, when I struck it lucky the first time with one of the most generous Ebay sellers I have come across so far. Since then, my collection has not stopped growing. So it is only fair that I share a new post as well as bragging about the new books that came in last week. Very happy with them.

This time around I got books 15-20 as well as 75-80 in the collection. Crossfire, Blind and Legacy are a tree part series of which I buddy read the first book with Spalanz quite some time ago. We might be able to continue with it again, although, I would like to first get some other buddy reads finished first. Happy that they included all three books in this collection. I liked the first one enough to continue and see where Calpurnia ends up with the rest of her Adeptus Arbites friends. I think the main reason this appeals to me is because of the Judge Dreddedness feel I get from the faction as a whole. You can just see in the pictures of the review for Crossfire to get the idea.

Faith and Fire as well as Hammer and Anvil are books 1 and 2 in Swallow’s Sister of battle series, I had book one in this collection already, but have not gotten to reading it yet. If you want to get a better idea of what a Sister of Battle is just think Nuns with Very Big Guns and I am in no way talking about any part of the female anatomy here. They kick as and do not ask questions, some can’t even if they want too, cause there is a part of the faction that cut out their tongues…


A Thousand Sons has already been reviewed and not to long ago either. You can head to the link if you missed the pictures from that review. This is so far one of m favourite Horus Heresy novels and a stong contender to the likes of Deliverance Lost and First Heretic.

Prospero Burns  was the follow up of Thousand Sons and where the latter got a glowing review from me I was quite pissed of with Abnett after this book. Total misleading blurp and yeah, no matter how well you can write, what should have been written was how Prospero Burned, not the why, which we learned of in A Thousand Sons already…

Talon of Horus is book 1 in the Black Crusade series where one of Horus’ sons take the reigns after what happens somewhere during the Horus Heresy. I have it in a different print as well, but have actively kept from reading it until I get to the part where whatever happens to Horus in order for these events to take place. Eager to get to it now as I want to show of the pictures on the inside.

Just a few months ago I got Pandorax at a street market sale while in Amsterdam. As far as I know it is part of the Space Marines Battles side of 40K, possibly 30K, one thing that confuses me is that the other version also labels it as an Armageddon novel, I am not sure if that is series that I know anything of yet, so will have to see at some point when I go full on Space Marines Battles reading.

Battle of the Fang is also a book I reviewed quite some ears ago, closer to when this blog started up. I only had it in omnibus form as War of The Fang which I gave quite a glowing review for. This takes place after the events of Thousand Sons and Prospero Burns. I have to say, I wonder what my views will be on it now that I read those HH novels. I know I liked the heck out of the the books in the Fang bind up, also that copy had very nice pictures as well for you to check out.

And that was it folks, ten new books, yet out of them I already had a few on the shelf, but I do not regret ut too be honest. Maybe I can make some one else happy with the extra’s.

Oh, before I forget, I promised updates did I not?

Sooo close to having 1-80 completed! I have one more batch of five books from the Ebay guy, he has been kind enough to mail me that he took the listing of off Ebay in order for me to buy it of him at a huge discount, talk about nice people enough and it seems that they can manifest out of thin air!

Very exited to see when I will have this set completed, but it is going to take a while still.

Hope you have a good day.

12 thoughts on “The 40K Legends Collection So Far

    1. I cant stop staring at them when ever i get a chance. One of the nice things are that many of the books ive now gotten all have their seals still on which gives me some little bit more space to cram them in becuase they are so well sealed. Ive tried convincing Milou to maybe rearange the shelves for when i get the set completed but Have had a very steadfast nope.. will see how far i get with it though.

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      1. When they are sealed, do you mean the plastic wrap over it? I can imagine if that’s the case that it would indeed help with space. Like a little brick 🙂

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