Who does not like book hauls?

Well folks, I have done it again, I went away for a weekend (last weekend) and ended up stuffing three more books on my overcrowded shelves. Am I regretting it? I do not think so…

Pariah 1

A few years ago I owned and read this version of Pariah. I was still fresh to Warhammer 40K and had just read the Ravenor omnibus, so it seemed like a good Idea, not then knowing that there was an Eisenhorn series to get through first before starting Ravenor and then moving to The Bequin series. I read it being non the wiser and liked it enough to want to read the second novel. Having said this was a few years ago, meant I had to wait like every one else for the second book to still be written or printed or whatever it is that one does when bringing out a new book. It just so happens that the second book: Penitent dropped only last year. Only took Abnett 9 years to release the second part, in between also writing another Eisenhorn novel. Last weekend Milou and I took a day trip to Utrecht and I know there is a Warhammer shop there, I originally did not want to go as I know I have spent enough cash on books this year already, but we ended up going anyway…

Pariah 2

I like this cover as much I liked the original, but it seems Abnett went for a different variation when book two came out. I am not complaining, they are pretty neat covers. I also think this got a reskin for the release of the second novel in hope that those that did not read the first novel the first time around got the chance to do so. If you look at the first picture it states it was a Ravenor vs Eisenhorn novel, which was a clever bait and switch move seeing as they only feature as side characters nearing the end of the novel. The fact that it is now marketed as a Bequin novel makes a whole lot more sense as the main character takes centre stage. I do not know if I should disclose who Bequin is because I would rather not want to spoil it for anyone still interested in reading this series as well as all 9 novels and short stories that make up the Eisenhorn and Ravenor part of Warhammer. I plan on doing so and have reviewed the first three Eisenhorn novels a while ago. I plan on furthering the series some time and hope I can get to it soon. Anyhow, I got book 1 and two from the shop and cover to cover they look pretty impressive. I do not know if the GoodReads images I stole do them justice, but I tried taking a foto of them just in case.


Like I said, some really nice covers…

When exactly book three will come out is anyone’s guess. I hope that I will still be alive when it does or even Abnett himself for that matter…

Black Legion

Book two in The Black Legion series, if you recall the last book haul post I did, I got Talon of Horus in the 40K Legends Collection that is book one. There is a short novella or story that started this series of only two books so far that I still have to track down, but I think if I just continue the Horus Heresy series I will come to know what needs to be known regarding this series.

And there we have it, a long winded “I got three books” post…

Hope you all have a good weekend.

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