May 2022 Recap

I know I said in April my blog was a bit quiet, but damn dude, this May was even worse. Does it feel at times that I lost the ability to blog? Yeah some times… Is this due to work being super draining? I think it is. Are there other things that keep me from blogging? Yeah, life in general has been quite busy. The fact that Milou and I now have sort of synchronised weekends of means that we tend to want to break away over weekends which means the reading time I normally got in got shorter and shorter. Some weekends I ended up not reading at all and just do gaming as I just had no concentration after the grueling weeks at work. I never in my life would have thought working with kids toys could be this draining. Over all in general I have been just not feeling up for writing a review. This blog is a hobby of mine and I would hate if it started feeling like a chore, so I write when I can what I can. I do not try force reviews as I already have a hard time just writing in general. It means that I did not get a lot done on here this month. Apart from metal mondays and my Black Library hauls ( more incomming soon…) that was pretty much it. I have, however, done two buddy read books this month, one with more than two people involved which was nice. I will try get that review up as we all need to write ours out still and schedule a day where we will be posting it on the same day. Look out for the Witcher review….

Life wise, May saw me finally be accepted into the Dutch citizenry, I can now legally say that I am a Dutchman. I am picking up my passport this coming Friday. Due to Corona regulations, there was not a ceremony held like they always do. I do not know if that made a big difference, but I am happy that it is certain that I am finally a recognised European. Milou was so exited and over the moon we already have our first London day trip planned for her birthday that is coming up this month. I am exited too as I have not seen England ever since I was a student and had my gap year. I would like to see how things have change since I was there so many years ago.

Let’s have a look at what I got up to on the blog shall we?

Book Reviews:

gobbosDa Gobbo´s Revenge – Mike Brooks

Gobbo’s Revenge was great, it was also another buddy read I did with Swordsandspectres. It was short, it was light haarted and exactly what I did not know I needed set in the 40K universe.

DieDie Vol.1 Gillen, Hans, Cowels

Die was a graphic novel I received for Sinterklaas last year. Premise wise it has a lot going for it, but I felt it fell flat a bit in the telling of the story. I am intrigued enough to want to continue to Vol.2, but I am not in a rush to do so.

Books Still pending reviews:

Gothgul Hollow

Gothgul Hollow was also a buddy read I did with Jenn this month. It was a pretty oke book and I had a decent time with it. I will get into more details about it when I get to reviewing it, let us just say Jenn and I now have a running joke that turned out serious as I commented at some point that I can’t wait for Black Library to start their Romance collection soon. A few days later a very exited Jenn let me know that the first book is already out… Insert Facepalm Dave…


Another review I still have to sit down and write is Moby Dick which I finished two months ago. I still have the review swimming around in my mind, no pun intended, and I am happy to have it slosh around a few more days before I am going to get to it. It is a weird book to review, I can see why people would hate it, I can also see why people love and cherish it for what it is. It will certainly carry a good review and positive words from me going forward in life.

Blood of elves

Lastly, Blood of Elves is the book that sort of finally starts the Witcher series. I read this with Milou, Jenn and Mark (Spalanz) and I think we are probably going to echo one another’s thoughts on many keypoints of the book. I enjoyed it enough to give it a higher mark than what I gave the previous book of collected stories. I still have not started my review for this, but plan on doing so soon, won’t be this week tho…

Metal Monday:

I went to my first Metal gig in the last two years a few weeks ago and I loved every moment of it. I went mainly to see Ornassi Pazuzu, which were awesome, but the supporting two bands were also a surprise. Was nice to feel Milou also do her version of a headbang/being spurred on by the excessively loud noise next to me and I am really glad she decided to come with. We also sent the next day in Utrecht buying books and topped it of with me signing my citizen forms at the community hall later that day.

Final Light – In the Void
Ornassi Pazuzu – Kuulen ääniä maan alta
Soulfly – Superstition

Sundays With Sherlock:

Another buddy activity that kept the blog somewhat alive this past month was my watch along with Stooge. While I can honestly say that movie and series reviews will probably never be my thing, I am happy that we at least got throught the first series. I cant say that my posts did really well so I do not know if I should take that as a sign.

Book Hauls:

Book hauls is were it was at for me the last couple of months. Having found a guy on Ebay that has helped me get sets of five books every time has really helped me speed up my goal of owning the first set of 1-80 in the 40K Legends Collection. I have another book from the 80-100 part of the collection that will be dropping any day from now so I am really exited to show that off as well. I will be getting my last set of five books in from Ebay guy, that he was kind enough to delist from the site in order for me to get first dibs on it and at a five for the price of 1 deal. To say I am thankful for it is very lightly put.

The 40K Legends Collection So Far
Who does not like book hauls?

AAAAnd that was me all summed up. I’ll get to writing my reading plans for June, but think it will be a very short post as Milou and I are not going to be home very often over weekends. Our schedules are completely full for the month of June, but I will be saying more on that over there then.

Hope you all have a great day.

20 thoughts on “May 2022 Recap

  1. I’m curious about your upcoming Moby Dick review, it definitely deserves its place on the ‘classics’ shelf, but it’s quite different from the contemporary novels… took me quite some time to read, but I did not regret it 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I had the fortune of it being free on audible and the narrator did a great job keeping me engaged, specially with the parts were Mievile went of on his write what you know about whales and spermwhaling and such🙂. Glad you enjoyed it too.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Glad you and your wife can connect on weekends now, that is great. As for blogging, like any hobby, your interest and involvement wax and wain, so enjoy the time of doing other things 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks man. I read her thoughts on her last weekly recap and felt a bit that it echoes what I felt for a while now. I am not gonna pull the plug on the blog, i’ll be just probably very sporadic. Then again i hit a three day streak with today’s post so i am happy with that.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Truely is man, thank you. In South Africa Dutchman was dished out as an insult if you grew up afrikaans and tried speaking english, due to the upbringing any afrikaans speaking person would have some sort of accent when speaking it that someone way way back thought it a great insult. I at least now have legal papers stating i am a true Dutchman🙂


      1. Trying to get on and interact a bit more. Even if I’m not posting, interacting and seeing what others are up to is always good.

        Plus we have similar tastes, so I need to see what goodies you’re getting 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats! Will you become a Flying Dutchman for your upcoming London trip?
    Looking forward to your Moby Dick review. Still haven’t finished reading this big bad boy… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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