Reading Plans June 2022

I have quite a lot going on this month, so will not be planning on reading a lot of books. Seeing as I still have about four reviews to write that might give me a breather to catch up. I have started two short story anthologies recently and will be happy if I manage to get through both of them. One is an audio book and another is a physical that I have been struggling to get into. We see how it goes.

Currently Reading:


This Epic poem has been quite a mammoth undertaking, but I have been listening to it on audible on and of for the better part of a month and a half. I cannot say that I am exactly following what is going on as I am not taking notes as it happens. before I get to reviewing this I am planning on also listening to Stephen Fry’s Troy when I finish it. See if sit Stephen can show me the way… I think that might be the best idea to see what I remember as he breaks things down for me.


I am trying to open my views on Age of Sigmar in the world of Warhammer and this book is being marketed as a good place to start. When I picked this up a long time ago I said I would read it as person new to Warhammer and see if it would convince me of going on with the books in this setting. So far, I can not say a lot of positive things, the book just starts and there are rank jargon that means absolutely nothing to me so far. I have to remind people that I am not a big miniature collector (yet) so do not know how much lore I am missing out from the rule books, so there is that. What I would ultimately like from this collection is that it explains what happened to Old World Warhammer and not just drop me into the thick of it and then tell me little bits of whatever it is that happened with the new lore being built upon. I think I might have gone into this book the wrong way…

Shadows of treachery

High time Jenn and I get back into Horus Heresy territory again. Literally started this book this morning. Number 22 in the Horus Heresy and another short story compilation. I hope there are going to be less of these and more novels focused around the Heresy, but I know I might be in for some disappointment, feels lik every two or so novels we get to another short story collection that serves as extra fluff just to keep us what other Legions were getting up to at points seemingly randomly chosen. I do have to say that there have been some short story collections that have been better than some of the novels in this series so far, maybe this one turns out well too. Who knows?

Planned reads:

Art of


I did not get through these two of my planned reads last month and need to read them soon as NetGalley will be archiving them soon. I am about half way through the life work of Ezquerra and it has been informative so far. Looking forward to getting to Necropolis tho, it will apparently be introducing the Dark Judges or I might have read that part wrong. We will see.

As far as I am concerned, that is my plan for this month. Finish up what I started and see if I can catch up to the reviews I still have to write out.

Hope you all have a great month.

6 thoughts on “Reading Plans June 2022

  1. I’d read a couple of books in the old Warhammer universe and most of them didn’t impress me so I was never tempted to try Age of Sigmar. I’ve got enough on my plate without adding more to it πŸ˜€

    Good luck with Homer. I hope Fry can help you out…

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    1. Thanks man. Yeah i remember your reads on the was it something something Tolis books? With elves I think. I also read an elf series i really trashed on way way back.

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      1. πŸ™ˆ i remember seeing book 3 of that in a shop in SA so many years ago and i passed it by as your review went up when i was still living there

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      2. Considering you are only book 22 of the Horus Heresy, I’d say I did you a good turn then πŸ˜€
        Speaking of HH, I haven’t seen Jenn posting. Is she still?

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      3. Yeah She is just a bit busy with college and has not been able to do her weekly wednesday posts. We are both a bit busy, but she will be posting soon as she can. We have two other books we are reviewing together still.

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