Heading into the weekend with another new book…

Sooooo….. Ebay happened, again…

Path of the warrior

I got Path of the Warrior for a very good deal over on Ebay. I am now going to have to resort to just trying to finish my 40K Legends book collection on there as the Hatchette site (read hat shit) has not only stopped featuring this as buyable on their site, but also went to great lengths to wipe all the images of the books of of their site. Where am I now going to pirate an image from every time I get one? I do not think even they know how much work goes into searching for an image for the corresponding book…

Rant over.

I am happy I got this one as I now already own 3 books past the 80 mark and they follow on one another. All I know of Path of The Warrior is that it is the start of a three book series and is written from the Eldar perspective, when they were still called Eldar or Dark Eldar and Aelf/Ealf or Aeldary or how the fuck ever I need to spell their designations now. I am eager to get to this series some time. Also the covers of this series all look like mantle piece art work, I wonder what awaits for me in the middle of the book!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

11 thoughts on “Heading into the weekend with another new book…

  1. Wow, you must almost have the whole collection by now, right?!

    Is Path of the Dark Eldar a part of that collection? I have the omnibus, but the cover art is terrible in comparison to something like this beautiful thing!

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    1. I believe they have all three in this specific series i do not know if dark eldar is part of it tho. Or is dark eldar the third in the series?

      I am missing quite a chunk of books still. Gonna be hard finishing this collection up now


  2. How are you getting along with the collection? Are there many gaps?

    Never been to keen to explore the Eldar, but looking forward to hearing your thoughts when you get round to reading & reviewing these books.

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    1. Still missing quite a lot in between books 20-60, two or three between boks 61-80 and then from 80 onwards to 100 i only have three books so far. If you want to and have time, look for my Valedor review, that book was quite a surprise for me. Regarding how twins in the eldar are supposed to be in sync in order to pilot a certain eldar walker mashine. That kind of love i would like to read again in a WH novel as opposed to down right romance


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