Metal Monday – Ahab – The Pacific

German Nautical Doom rockers Ahab started out with an idea so long ago about putting into words a book that made an impact on the vocalist. Since then they evolved their sound and kept on bringing out albums either based of off Maritime novels or other paraphernalia. Why am I returning to an older song by them you might be asking, with the knowledge of having just read that there might be a new album forthcoming either later this year or next year? The answer to this is easy. I read Moby Dick not so long ago as a direct inspiration of their debut album Call of the Wretched Sea. I have resorted to revisiting this album frequently to try pick up what I can remember from the book and it seems most of it has already slipped my mind. Another nice thing that Ahab did not so long ago was that they auctioned the book the vocalist used for inspiration to the album in support of the Ukraine effort. They pledged to double the value of what the book would go for and donated the earnings to Ukraine. 

Ahab the band do credit the lyrics of this song to Melville himself so I thought it would be cool to share that to any fellow Moby Dick fans. I promise, I am busy working hard on the review for the book but it is going to be all over the place so bare with me.

In the meantime, enjoy some Nautical Doom metal!


Oh, ye great mysterious – Thousand leagues of blue
No one knows which mysteries are hidden
Beneath your surface

Your awful stirrings seem to speak of some
hidden soul beneath

The waves rise and fall
Millions of mixed shades and shadows
Lie dreaming and silent
All what we call lives and souls
Lie dreaming… Silent… Dreaming…

All what we call lives and souls
The ever rolling waves
Restless one
All what we call lives and souls
Lie dreaming
Oh, restless one
Your tide, the beating beast of earth

Oh, ye great mysterious shepherd of waves
Offer me your secrets
So he shall spout thick blood

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