Long story short, I got three more books for my running collection of 40K Legends collection before the start of last weekend. I got them in just as Milou and I were leaving to visit the in-laws so I never got to posting about it. It is also the reason behind the fact there was no posts since my review that dropped just before the weekend started. I had no time and I am probably not going to have time for some time still. To make up for it though I bring you three more books you can feast your eyes in and hold your breath for the reviews to drop. Two books’ reviews actually dropped already, but that was a long time ago. Here goes:

Mephiston Lord of Death:

Got no idea what this book is about. Having read only the Blood Angels’ HH novel Fear to Tread, I know that I still have a lot of ground to cover. This is a really thin book, probably the smallest within the $0K collection I have gotten so fat. Should be an easy read I figure and GoodReads also does not say that it is part of a series. There is another Author that has a three book series also featuring this character as a focal point. I’ll see if I can track down some reading order and see where it is that I have to start. I have one of the books as part of my stagnant NetGalley read list. I might be rectifying that soon though.

Hereticus I read not so long ago, and while my opinion that this was weaker than Abnett’s Ravenor spin off is among the not so popular opinion. Hereticus is book three in the Inquisitor Eisenhorn series. This is where I think it might have all started for Abnett back in the day. Looking forward, you not only have Ravenor as a spin of but also a series that was marked as Eisenhorn vs Ravenor, but today is run as the Bequin trilogy (we have no details of when book three is coming, book two only took 9 years after the first one and that was released, like, last year?). I am looking into doing a re read of this at some point as I want to finish The Magos that also takes place after Hereticus but was also released a lot later, it has also been gathering dust on the shelf for a while. I am interested to see if my views will change and I also would like to share the pictures that come with this issue. I have shared Xenos and Malleus’  in older reviews. The fact that I have this in hard back now also means I can kinda donate the soft cover copies I have to some one. 

Valedor – Guy Haley 

Where to begin with this novel… It comes highly recommended on my Eldar list, seeing as it is still the only Eldar focused book I have read since then. Recent 40K Legends collected books will be furthering the Eldar story line for me. I also think they feature some what in the current HH book Jenn and I are reading together. I will be glad to give this a re read. I still have one of the quotes as my whatsapp status and have no intention of changing it any time soon as it meant a lot to me at the time when I read it. Also eager to see what extra pictures will come with this version and share it with you all. 

Hope you like these as much as I have taken pleasure in acquiring them. I have no idea if the six books I somewhat organised a few days ago with regards to Milou and my London trip this weekend is going through as the person I dealt with has all but vanished and is not replying. Oh well, we will see if and when I can get more books some time. I am happy with having gotten this far. I now have under thirty books to go to have this collection complete. 



12 thoughts on “Incoming…

    1. Dont know if you follow a guy on youtube. Called Vraks or something, he created such fun lore with his kriegcorps. Also The band 1914 has a song that fits so well with that faction. As far as i know they are all about the spade being their answer to everything🙂. Song is called strostupp, has such an excellent intro to the song.

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    1. No this collection is completed now and also not listed on the site anymore. Im down to under 30 books to go before completing the set. They are becomming scarce tho as scalpers have bought up everything and are now selling books they got for five pound at 120 pounds per book… not my cup of tea…

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      1. Shoot me a mail with a sample of what you are after, i could look it up and see this side of the world, maybe its easier to come by


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