Who goes to London and does not bring back a few books?

As my Wife already let drop, we were quite busy during the past month. Most of it was spending vast amounts of energy on surviving the season at work. Season now seems to have quieted down a bit and I feel like I am close to catching up with some back logged work issues.

June saw me pick up my Dutch Passport and we ended up going to London for a little day trip. Saturday, past was spent flying over and seeing the many sites that London has to offer. Having a Dutch passport means I do not need a visum anymore and that Europe and surrounds is my oyster now, that I plan to try take full advantage of. London saw us celebrating this Life Milestone. I might be in the unpopular crowd when saying there is something a little off with the big city, maybe it’s just me. It was crowded as fuck everywhere, like I get that Corona is supposedly a thing of the past, or that we as society have just decided to ignore it, but holy hell, you’d think after spending nearly 2 pluss years in isolation and confinement would have educated people into being somewhat more polite and patient. Joke is on me it seems… Anyway, I am not going to bash London for it. It just felt that the whole world decided to go over on the same day as Milou and I had planned.

Getting to the books I ended up picking up at Forbidden Planet, Waterstones and the Airport, throwing in a Dutch novel that Milou got me when she returned to work on Monday as well…

Starting with The Walking Dead:
As many of you might remember I did a review for the first book in the series quite some time ago, and I am probably going to have to do a re read of it soon as I start- or decide to continue the rest of the books in the series. I am not sure if Return to Woodbury follows on the events of Road to Woodbury, but I am exited to find out. Somedy…

A judge Dredd comic was available for sale at the airport as we were London so I just bought it without feeling guilty, I wored hard for the money we blew on the trip and a 1 pound comic surely did not not make a dent in the cashflow pool.

Same can be said about the Spiderman comic I got.

Next we got books 2-4 in The Way of the Househusband series. Book two seems to be very scarce in The Netherlands, so getting a 3 for 2 book deal was really nice, also have to extend a warm thank you to Milou for seeing it. I’ve had fun with the first book and hope that it will stay as quirky and fun as that.

Brutal Kunnin is another Warhammer 40K novella from the Ork’s perspective. Having had so much fun with Da Gobbo’s Revenge, I figured this would be a fun one too.

A Dynasty of Monsters is a book I saw and did not request on NetGalley a few weeks ago. I kinda like the fact that the cover for this one had me doing a double take as that is not a woman riding a dragon or whatever, that is actually part of the woman herself. I’ve still not been supper getting into Age of Sigmar, but book by book I hope it will at some point. I still find it hard to forgive Black Library for killing off Old World Warhammer.

Malius Darkblade Vol.2 was a nice find for me. I got Vol.1 a month or two ago and acording to my older brother, it was quite a good read. I have no Idea how many Malius books are out there, but for now I am happy to know I have six to start with.

Lastly we have Ik Robot basically the Dutch translated version of I, Robot. I never read the original. I do plan too, maybe first check it out in Dutch and see how it goes…

And that was it. Another 10 books you’ll have to wait for reviews on. Have you seen any of these? Read any of them? Does any of them catch your attention?

Hope you have a good weekend further.


6 thoughts on “Who goes to London and does not bring back a few books?

  1. Just be aware that I, Robot has nothing to do with that movie starring Will Smith. It’s a collection of short stories about the rise of the robotics industries in the world. It’s quite good, just not related to the movie.

    How did you deal with the money while there? Did you just use credit cards for everything or did you have to exchange cash when you first got there?

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    1. I pre-booked whatever I could for the London trip at home, but once there just used our debit card. We are getting some local currency for our Iceland trip (just to be safe for when we are in the middle-of-nowhere parts), but we can do that here in town (just have to put in an order in advance).

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    2. Debit cards worked out fine, we carried no cash on us whatsoever. Good thing to know about I robot. Seeing as I am Legend he also played in sucks in retrospect to the book, changing vampires to zombies serious nono in Salty’s department

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  2. London is a great place to visit, many interesting sights, I spent a week there some years ago and it was not enough… among other places, I’ve been to Forbidden Planet, great genre bookshop, Foyles was also great, and some smaller ones on Charing Cross Road… don’t remember what exactly I bought there.

    “I, Robot” is a nice introduction to Asimov, I don’t remember if you read things like “Foundation”, but here you get a sample in easily digestible form 🙂

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