June 2022 Recap

So June was as quiet here as May was but a lot happened and did not happen. I got my Dutch Passport finally at the start of the Month, Milou had her birthday, we did a trip to London as a double celebration, we also spent a weekend with the in-laws, all this while I was on survival mode at work. It was a very difficult balancing act regarding energy and day to day thought processes. I may have snapped a bit half way through the month and was not the most fun person to be around with…

Before the closing of June I also had a sit down with management and I have been granted a permanent position as opposed to the 1 year contract agreed upon last year. Seems even though I am not the easiest person in stressful times, I do function well under pressure even though I tend to get snappy with some colleagues. It was a good feeling at least. I know now that there is a lot of things I need to sort out for the next winter season in a few months, but I think it is well known that I can not do it all on my own.

On the blogging front I collected more books than there were reviews going up. I have 3 reviews started but have not gone past the Heading part so far, will be working on them a while still I think. Even Metal Mondays took a knock this month and I can not say that is a surprise. Cant say there was a metal release that got me all exited. Apart from that there is not all that much you missed.

For in case you missed it I’ll list it over here:


Gothgul Hollow

Gothghul Hollow – Anna Stephens

Two buddy reads with Jenn this past month and we are currently on the third book, but it’s going a bit slow… Gothghul was an oke read, the premise was interesting enough and the end reveal ended up having me as the author a question of what it all meant. Only to find out first hand that this is going to be a series. So we will have to see if we can continue it at some point.

Shadows of treacheryShadows of Treachery – Various Authors

This was another good collection of short stories, where most of them featured the Imperial Fists and Nightlords Chapters. I had a good time with it while at the same time it kinda irks me as to why the stories spoil so much of what’s to come, unless Black Library knew that some issues needed addressing to further understand where the rest of the Horus Heresy come from or are pointing too. Much like the current Angel Exterminatus novel Jenn and I are reading, that was already starting to be a thing in the previous short story collection Age of Darkness… Still some good shorts in here.

Book Hauls:

Like I stated previously, I had more hauls than reviews going up…

Heading into the weekend with another new book…
Another Three Books for the Weekend

Metal Monday:

Metal Monday – Ahab – The Pacific– One Metal Monday, to try inspire me to write my review for Moby Dick. Its been two months since I read it and I have written up a rough version of it so far. will work on it some more in the coming days.

And that was June… not a lot, but some thing at least… I do not know if there are going to be any posts in the coming month, but I already touched up on that lightly a day or so ago.

Hope July will treat you well and that you have a good weekend further.

6 thoughts on “June 2022 Recap

  1. Hey, congrats on getting a permanent position. I hope you can work out how to balance work now, because it sounds like they’re running you ragged!

    So with our new phones, they came with whatsapp. I remember you mentioning that before. Sometime this month shoot me an email and refresh my memory, would you? Thanks 🙂

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    1. Great review Jenn. Just landed back home. I made some progress while on my week break, but not nearly enough to finish any time soon… Even though this book is some what disappointing for you, i have felt the same elations at certain scenes. So happy to have another Dreadnaught fan aboard.


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