Heavy Breathing…

In order to make up for my absence last month I thought I would make up for it by showing off a few books. A few new additions to the 40K Legends Collection as well as two other books. I ended up putting it on Instagram but never got around to linking it back here on the blog. So here we go.

Overfiend arrived in the mail as well as Farsight. I have been lucky enough to get them from Ebay at a reasonable price, but shipping and import costs sucks… Farsight is a Tau novel, there are not a lot of Tau within the collection itself, but I think that is why Hatchette Partworks added another 20 books on top of the original 80 in this collection. I have also not read any Tau focused books within 40K yet, so this is a welcome book to have. Think Blue Aliens with Mecha suits and moral values “all for the greater good”. 

Overfiend is a book I also previously owned in the Space Marines Battles series. I have also done a review for it back when the blog was still fairly new. For anyone interested review can be found here. If memory serves me correctly it consisted of three short stories with the Salamanders, Scars and Raven Guard going up against orcs that are way more clever than the dumb dumbs we normally take them for. I remember enjoying this quit a lot.

Moving on to the second batch, Path of the Seer is book 2 in Thorpe’s Path of the Eldar series. If that does not give you the indication that this will be an Eldar focused novel I do not know what will… I have yet to read the Path of the Warrior novel first before I get to this one, but I’ll get there eventually.

Astra Militarum is a collection of short stories surrounding the Imperial Guard on their many adventures, I do not know if said stories will include Space Marines fighting along with them or if it is only them being sent out to serve as canon fodder, what I do know is that I would like to get to this on soon as it can be read as a stand alone and I might know who else I can recommend this collection too…

Trail by Blood by the looks of it sounds like it might be a Blood Angels novel. I do not yet know if it ties into anything that I still need to read. I have got quite a few Blood Angels novels sitting on the shelf now so will give this a go when I am more clued up on it all.

Then out of the blue I got myself a copy of Jock of the Bushveld. I visited South Africa for very short while at the start of last month. 5 days in SA is not enough to see everyone I would like to see. I did get to see my Mom and my two brothers though as well as aunts and uncles and a few cousins which was great. Jock of the Bushveld is a classic novel by South African standards and follows Jock and his owner on adventures during the Daimond rush era in South Africa. I have never read this before and I tend to rectify that some time.

Another book I got and in Afrikaans was written by an old class mate of mine. It follows the story of a Busman (Boesman in Afrikaans) who some how lost his way. I have heard great things from others that have read this already. Who knows, maybe I can even get an interview with the author…

And lastly, I picked this up on Thursday, another 40K Legends collection book, this on looks or sounds like it might be Eldar, or possibly Dark Eldar focused, will have to see when I get to it from the blurp I can imagine that it is going to be action riddled and I am looking forward to that.

There we have it folks, another round of “when will Dave ever even get to these books?” post done. I am happy to report that I am now nearing my goal of owning the whole set of 40K Legends books, just got about twenty books to still track down… They are becoming very hard to find now, not to mention expensive…

See you on the next post!


11 thoughts on “Heavy Breathing…

  1. I do enjoy these “when will Dave ever get round to these books” posts 😃 Let me know if you want to buddy-read Farsight, I’ve had the series for ages but not yet gotten round to it!

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      1. There’s the novella, then there’s a full novel, Crisis of Faith, and I have a feeling there’s just been another one he’s published, too…

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      2. Lets get through this witcher read, then do the rest of the calpurnia series(we did crossfire but i cant remember if youve finnished the other two) then we can team up for farsight?. Can always do farsight firts then do legacy and blind…

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      3. Calpurnia is still waiting for me in a box up in the attic, so we can definitely do that! I’m sure Farsight is gonna make me want to paint more Tau though, so maybe leave that for a bit longer 🤣

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  2. I met the Tau for the first time in one of the Ciaphas Cain novels. It was interesting. The little bit I read made them feel more heroic than humanity 😀

    And hurray for ground pounders! I just can’t connect with WH40K when it is dealing with the super beings. I need that low level cannon fodder connection, hahahahahaa 🙂

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