The Oldest Trick – Steve Brezenhoff


Published: 1 August 2022
Publisher: Capestone
Pages: 33
Series: Stand Alone, yet might have ties to The Library of Doom
Format Read: NetGalley Shelf app


A boy finds a strange book hidden away in an antique dresser. When he opens it, ancient symbols swirl off the pages. They form a floating, inky mass. The Oldest Trick has been freed from its book! Now the ancient evil has trapped the boy in a fake, nightmarish world. Can the powerful Librarian free the boy by helping him see through the Trick’s lies? Experience the Library of Doom like never before in this gripping, full-color graphic novel!


Ah finally a review! At least thats what I was thinking at completion of this short Graphic Novel. So short in fact that I am at a loss of what to say about it, so let’s keep it short shall we? This book was aimed for 3rd-6graders, but I had a decent time with it too. The fact that it kinda has a “moral of the story” feel to it at the end made me realise that certain middle grade books might actually be worth looking into. I mean my wife loves it quite a bit, is there a world where all the Warhammer and middle grade books can coexist? Well, we have seen the middle grade Warhammer novels also score quite high in my ratings despite the Warhammer elitists shitting all over it. So yeah, I cannot promise that it will be a permanent feature on this blog, but at least you wont be surprised when the occasional 1 or two reviews do go up.

I purely requested this as the cover looked really interesting. Also the blurp spoke to me and I thought it was going to be a sort of Never Ending story retelling, it was not and I was surprised by that too. The novel title itself was a clever play on words as in The Oldest Trick in The Book is well known (at least aas far as I know) saying for something that is obvious to someone trying to explain something to some one that does not know that that trick exists. I liked the art work and there was not an awful lot to read in manner of speech bubbles, so to be able to finish this in one sitting was kinda cool for me too. When has Dave ever finished a book in one sitting?

Getting to the story and the moral of it. It was also cleverly done. The book tricks the kid into opening it and sucks him into some sort of nightmare, not the kind of nightmare that will give 3-6 year olds nightmares, but it was just dark and broody enough. The kid then fortunately enough runs into a wizzard that serves as a friendly face and tries to convince the child that he opened the book so he can easily just close it too. Moral of the story being that if you do not see eye to eye with a certain book, you do not have to suffer through it (DNF’s are not frowned upon in the blogging world as far as I know), hence closing the book is the oldest trick in the book as well, making it a double play on words that I as a 35 year old could also enjoy and learn from.

I gave this a 4 out of 5, its probably a generous score looking at the shortness of the novel, but being surprised by a middle grade as well as taking away a lesson from it counts as high marks in my opinion. This could be a nice book to read to your kids or nephews and nieces at some point. Wont take you a whole evening to get through either. I want to thank Netgalley for accepting my request to review this ARC as well, without them, I would have never picked this up in a shop somewhere, I might think twice about that now. Have I been Tricked??? Who knows…

Till next time, always remember:
“No matter how terrifying or how sad, we can always simply . . . close the book.”…


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