Tuesday Top Up

Well now, apart from Distraction Dinsdag posts, I think I might’ve just come up with a new tagline for book hauls… Yes my friends, Dave got even more books in since that post that went up last week…

First things first. I have had book three in this Warhammer Time of Legends for ages now. Only earlier this year did I get hold of number one and now, finally I can now start the series. This trilogy follows the events of Nagash, once a powerful sorcerer who would later become either a necromancer and then move on to become the Lord of Death himself. I never read up about his origins, but I am happy to start this at some point. Maybe as early as October?

Second, I have another 40K Legends Collection, this one knocking down the list of “Books I still need to complete this collection”. The unforgiven is book three in the Dark Angels’ Legacy of Caliban, I did not even know I have all three books already in omnibus form, now I have it as part of this collection too which is nice. Dark Angels are a Space Marines Chapter I know a little about thanks to the two books Jenn and I have read about them in the Horus Heresy so far. I’d like to read more of them and see if they are a Legion I should care about. I’ll include a picture of the omnibus just for reference.


Last on the reel is Punisher: Welcome back Frank Castle Part 2. This is from Marvel’s Ultimate Graphics Collection, but do not worry I am not going to start collecting this as soon as I finish 40K Legends. I just liked the first Punisher movie so much that came out before Marvel was pooping out hero movies. And the fact that Garth Enis took part in this particular part of the Punisher run makes me all the more exited to get to it. Part 1 is on its way…

And if that is not enough, my father-in-law is currently moving house and dropped of a box with some Dutch Astrix in. Seeing as Stooge has had a nice run with his posts recently, I might be looking into getting some of them read and seeing if I can remember if they resonate the same as what I read back in Afrikaans and English growing up. I think he said it is the whole collection but will have to see.

And there you have it folks, another bunch of books I hope to get through before my time runs out on this earth…

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Up

    1. I am on six to go still Ola. One of which i won a bidding war last night and another that got lost in the mail. But i can soon draw up a post with the ones I still need, maybe it will help, maybe some one that sees the post will notice a book somewhere around them and make contact with meโ€ฆ

      Thank you for stopping by

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