Metal Monday – Constellatia – The Garden

Some Facebook friends I have never met, brought out an album two years ago called “The Language of Limbs”. The fact that said friends are a South African “Post Rock” band, does not mean I am going to treat them with rose tinted glasses, but in honesty the deserve all the recognition they get, as they are masters of the craft in my opinion. This year, June saw them release a lyrical music video for The Garden. Scenery shot in Cape Town and Johannesburg. I get home sick from it, but at least I can look at the scenery now while a decent song plays in the background.

Today’s song is especially profound as last week I was notified by my family that my gran had a huge stroke and is now paralyzed on her right-hand side. Eating and swallowing, even speaking has been hugely affected. And while we are waiting on good news to come through, Milou and I are stressing about being able to go over, not so much for the cost of the tickets, but the fact that she tested positive for covid, and I am yet to test positive, so far I have shown symptoms, but my tests are negative which is weird as I am normally the one to get sick first. With all that said, expect that my blog might go a bit quiet again in light of recent events.

For now, just enjoy some music with me. If this song speaks to you, I would highly recommend checking out their album Language of Limbs, while you wait, as their latest album Magisterial Romance is set to release on the 1st of November.


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