Six Books to go still…

With my Warhammer 40K Legends being nearly complete, I did some digging to see if I can find out what the books are called that I still need. Luckily, I did not have to look too far as I recently lost out on some of them with some sneaky person getting the last bid in a few seconds before the bidding time was ending. Here is what I still need to complete the collection. As a little bonus, I thought I would include a picture of the collection as it stands now. Milou and I did some rearranging of the shelves yesterday as we are both sick at home. Nothing like rearranging a shelf or two to make you feel better, right?

World Engine

I have no idea what The World Engine is about, but I do believe it to be part of the Space Marines Battles side of things. By the looks of it seems like Ultramarines against the Necrons? I do remember they also went up against the Necron in Damnos, maybe this is a continuation. World Engine is, if things work out, on its way to me already, but I thought I’d include it in the post anyway.


Shash’o is another Tau novel. The Tau are an alien race that specialize in big battle suites. Not like the Space Marines don’t have their own machines, but the Tau also have a division that utilizes some form of feral animals. I have not read a lot of Warhammer where they feature, but I hope to get this book at some point. I actually had it, paid for, but it got lost in the mail with the U.K postal services going on strike. The seller has paid back the money for it, and I hope that when things go better, that we can negotiate that I can buy it again.

Ravenor Returned

Another book that got lost in the mail. This one was actually delivered to a pickup point but I never got the mail that it was delivered, so a week later it got sent back to the UK, amidst a postal strike. I was really pissed off about it and actually had the right amount of Dutch vocabulary to tell our postal services what a bunch of incompetent people they are. You see, we had this nice system, where, if you were not home, you would get a note saying your package was delivered to that and that shop. Since start July Postnl, our Dutch postal service stopped with those notes and expect EVERYONE to have downloaded the APP so you can track your packages there. All fine and well, but what if you don’t know that people on Ebay are going to use the service? Such a bummer. At least the seller has told me as soon as they recieve the book back their end, they will send it on again. Here’s hoping it gets back to them…

Ravenor Rogue

Ravenor Rogue I lost in a bid war. The book went on to sell at nearly 50 euro and then I still had to pay shipping and import tax… Lets just say I knew when to pull out. Ravenor Rogue is book three in the Ravenor series with Returned being book two. I have read these books already, but I am planning on some time going through the whole Eisenhorn/Ravenor saga and I would really like to complete this collection too so here’s hoping I get it at some point.

Fire Caste

Another book I lost out on in a bid war. This one I also have no clue as to what it is about. by the looks of it, maybe a human faction going up against Tau? Will have to see if I get it some day.

Ahriman Unchanged

And lastly, Ahriman unchanged, this one I lost with a heavy heart as it went on to 100 euro excluding shipping and import. I am addicted to Warhammer, but I also have to eat still… This is book three in the Ahriman series of which I have books one and two of already. I also have the first book thanks to Netgalley, I hope to get a copy of this one too, but seeing how highly sought after this book is, I doubt I’ll ever get it.

Thats it for this collection then, only 6 books to still get my hands on, 5 if we are not counting the book already on its way. It would’ve been cool if I could’ve finished this collection up this year, but it seems highly unlikely now.


And that is my collection as it now stands. I see I forgot to put back book number 4 in the top row, but that is because I am currently reading it now, Betrayer. So, what do you guys think? Think I’ll make it complete before the end of the year?


20 thoughts on “Six Books to go still…

  1. Oh, you are getting close, nice!

    And, of course, I agree, nothing better than re-arranging books, one of the joys that will never be replicated on a reader 🙂

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      1. It was, like, the next day, definitely not too late, please don’t expect me to always reply that fast, for example – now I was mostly out of range for the weekend 🙂

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  2. I really hope you get there, you’re so damn close!! The Ravenor books were pretty good, I seem to recall, though it’s been a while. Fire Caste is on my to-read-next list, I’ve heard very good things (and love Fehevari!) I’m keeping everything crossed! I’m in the UK so if I can help at all, just shout!!

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    1. Thanks Spalanz. It so happens Jenn managed to win two books Fire Cast and Shash’o in a bid🙂. Thats two books down. World engine might arrive by me this week, so it comes down to the two Ravenors and Ahriman unchanged. Im also holding everything in🤞

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      1. I read the Salamenders omnibus real early into my WH “career” was very vague, but I did enjoy it. They are not the most up in arms Legion thats for sure. But i am looking forward to the getting to deathfore and Vulkan lives as i want to see if it will exlain a few things to me

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      2. They were a side-note in the Beast Arises series from a few years back, and between that and the handful of solitary marines I’ve come across over the years, they’ve always struck me as just, well, boring. Which is weird, because they don’t have the same reputation as Ultramarines, who everyone accuses of the same thing! I do like the Ultras though, so I guess I’m biased!!

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