September 2022 Recap

And so we are in the last 3 months leading to the end of this year. September saw me come back to blogging after a short hiatus, which I still plan on writing about, but just have not had the time for. I had not had a lot of time for many things it so happens as certain life things have happened. The most drasti being that my gran had a stroke, and we are still waiting to hear if things will sort themselves out over the course of the next few weeks. In other News, today is officially day 1 of our two-week holiday. Week one will be spent at home, and then we are going to Italy for a few days. I will try schedule a few posts in advance as well as work on so many outstanding reviews so I can finally be up to date for a change, I am hoping to be by the end of October. For now, here is what you might have missed during September:


A total of 2 books were reviewed this month, Salty jumped the gun and wrote one for Moby Dick that very much echoes my thoughts on the novel, apart from all the snide remarks that little shit makes towards me. Its time we go to getting one another back in every post it seems. Part of the reason I have not written other reviews is because I have been basically stuck on one Horus Heresy novel for the ast two and a half months. Reading just did not go well for me, but I am happy to report that I have finished that and already over 100 pages into the next Heresy novel, which I feel is good progress.

BeatgraveBeastgrave – C.L Werner

Beastgrave was a decent novel, focussing on some of the non-human elements of Age of Sigmar. I enjoyed it enough to try my hand at more A.o.S novels. Currently one story int their “start here” short story collection, so will see how things go with that.

img_2162Moby Dick, or The Whale – Herman Mieville

As I have said, Moby Dick won’t be everyone’s cup of Rum, but both Salty and I wrote glowing reviews for it. Salty just ended up deleting mine and writing his own one. I understand why it is classified as a maritime classic and I also get why not that many people make it past the part where Melville decided he would throw in the whole encyclopaedia regarding what a whale is. I know this because I also gave up with my first read of it a few years ago. It was a decent novel though.

Metal Monday:

It felt like I missed a few Metal Mondays this month one of them due to us having Corona again and me having to make a trip to the hospital regarding some sort of skin problem, but turns out I got all of them in somehow. I’ll be going back again later in October to hear the results of my diagnosis…

Blood of Elves – Blind Guardian
Cars – Gary Numan
Constellatia – The Garden
Children of the Grey – Hypocrisy

Book Hauls:

Three posts went up this month, one to show of new books, one to say I still need six to complete my collection and one about how difficult it will probably be to get the last six as they are all highly sought after on Ebay. I can also report back that since then one book has made it to me and Jenn also helped with acquiring another 2 which is amazing. More on that later this month maybe… The collection is looking pretty cool so far on the newly rearranged shelf (thanks for clearing some space for your idiot husband Milou!)


In the Grimm Present of Dave’s future there is only (Bidding) War…
Tuesday Top Up
Six Books to go still…

That was it for September. I will try get up to date on everything as soon as possible. There will be a reading plans post making its way back to the blog soon as well. Miss having some form of structure with reading, but slowly making progress again.

Till next time!


6 thoughts on “September 2022 Recap

  1. Hope everything is ok with whatever is going on with your skin. My first thought was skin cancer but if they’re waiting until october for the results, that sounds like it isn’t.

    That is great that Jenn was able to help you get 2 more of the books. You should post the titles of the books you still need and see if other bloggers could help you out. Of course, if they’re all running for 100 or more on ebay, well, you’re probably on your own then 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Im currently highest bidder on the last three needed to complete the set, got 4 days to go still to know for sure though. Luckily its not at 300 yet. Will see. As for the skin thing, dont think its cancer, but who knows…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Which Heresy novel are you up to now, then? Was it Angel Exterminatus that took an age for you to get through?

    Hope you’re okay buddy, and that your gran is doing well. Enjoy Italy!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I should be getting the books in hand on Tuesday. They are currently at the local Delivery Office as I was out of the house when they came on Thursday and we’re having postal strikes over the weekend. 🤦‍♀️
    I’ll keep you updated!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries Jenn, i am in no rush. Just saw a second hand ahriman and ravenor rogue go on sale, but i am stil bidding for those at the momnet. Decisions decisions…


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