October 2022 Reading Plans

Books to be reviewed still:

Angel Exterminatus



it took luke

Time of Contempt

Thought I would include this as a new part of my Reading Plans, so people can see what they can dread/look forward to reading about in the coming month. Quite a variety to come still…

Currently Reading:

In the miniature painting part of the blogosphere October we have Orktober, where different blogs have a fun challenge of seeing who can paint up the most units. A kind of motivation to get miniatures that have been sitting on a shelf somewhere for a long time to be painted up. Each certain mini give an X number of points. This month I am taking part, but not with painting, I will be trying to read a book or two with orks (or orruks if you want to be Black Library politically correct) in them. Gloomspite so far has featured Grotkin and Squigs, normally where those are, a Ork might be too. I am close to finishing this book which is also cool as it has been on my NetGalley pile of shame for a long time… Good so far!

Book 24 in the Horus Heresy, so far it has been a blast. I think this might be a longtime favorite for both Jenn and me. We see the Word Bearers and World Eaters taking on the Ultramarines on one of their home planets. It Goooooood!

Bound to be an Ork or two in here I figure… So far, I have a bit of a negative review for the first story but will divulge on that when I get to the review someday. I read a little bit from this book while at work so will be a while before I finish.

Planned Reads:

Baptism of Fire
While I still need to write a review on the last Witcher novel, I am just waiting to confirm a start date on the next one. The last Witcher book was another mixed batch, but I did enjoy most of it.
Mark of Calth
Should there be time left, I would like Jenn and I to get started on book 25 of HH. This will be short stories again, but I am thinking it will also be a continuation from the Know no Fear part of HH as well as the aftermath of our current read? We will have to see.

Yep, “Orktober” is definitely going to be mainly Warhammer reads for me. Gloomspite being the only sort of “scary” novel in my arsenal, but who knows, maybe I work in another horror here or there…


11 thoughts on “October 2022 Reading Plans

  1. Orktober you say!?
    Well, I do happen to have a lot of Orc books on my kindle…

    Always happy to pick up books with you and the buddies. Would be good to get Mark of Calth read too.
    Agree with your thoughts on Betrayer. So, so good!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I laughed at your latest orc book i saw on GR the other day, something about his orc is worse than his bite?😂.

      Going to try get through betrayer this week. Its reading real easy for me. That Titan stomping was intense!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. That’s the one!!
        I admit, I adore the cheesiness of them. They make for easy reading.

        Betrayer is going down really well. Wasn’t it!? I think I am in the last 100 pages now, can’t put it down. x.x;
        Happy reading. 😀

        Liked by 2 people

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