1 Book to go…

Following a series of events where I started searching actively on Ebay earlier this year to complete my Warhammer 40K Legends Collection I am happy to report that I am one book away from completing it. Last weekend Milou and I went to Ikea to pick up a new bookcase so I can brag about it all once it is finished…

The result before that point:

After this picture was taken, I had already been waiting on two books to still be delivered, one of which got sent back to the seller as our post office have gone digital and decided that you need an app to let you know that there was a package on it’s way.

I have no idea what World Engine is about, but being a Ben Counter novel I am sure it going to be another wild ride.

Ravenor Returned was the book that was sent back to the U.K, but the seller was kind enough to send it over again at no extra charge. Ravenor Rogue is book three in the Ravenor series. I have read this and books 1 and 2, but that was before I had a WP blog, so a re-read will be happening at some point.

Not long after that, I scored another cheap version on a book I needed still. This one unfortunately was not wrapped in its foil anymore, but I cannot complain as it is one of the collection that is highly sought after and always goes up to the hundreds in Ebay bidding wars. Ahriman Unchanged is book 3 in his own series, books 1 and 2 are also included in this collection.

Then, as my hopes for finishing up this collection this year were at an all time low, Jenn managed to help me out with a bid on, not just one book, but an amazing 2! They landed on my doorstep earlier this week. Just want to thank Jenn again, for not only being a great all round  Reading buddy, but a generous soul as well. I owe you big time Jenn!

Shash’O is a Tua novel as far as I know. I have not read a lot if Tau fronted novels within 40K yet, so I am looking forward to seeing what it will be about. Fire Caste is also an unknown novel to me, but judging fro the cover there seems to be either an Inquisitor and Tau battle suite that will be squiring of against one another, or it could be a Rogue Trader maybe? The blurp states something about human deserters and Imperial Guard as well as Tau, so looks like it can be an interesting read. This is also a stand alone according to GoodReads this is an Astra Militarum novel, meaning it could be a good military sci/fi with no Space marines involved.

Just like that, the impossible task to complete this series for the year end looks a little more doable. With one more book to go, Ravenor Rogue, I am not too phased if it does not happen this year, it is a book I have in a different print already.

To close of this post I would just like to say thank you to everyone that has been on this journey with me, its been quite the roller-coaster. Here is a picture of the new updated shelf. It is standing in a different room as opposed to our Library (at least it is standing next to Milou’s Pratchett Cabinet so it is not totally alone).


23 thoughts on “1 Book to go…

  1. That is wicked impressive! Only 1 more to go eh? I went and looked on ebay and maaaaaaan, every copy was starting at 140 US. I would say that is just crazy, but having bought one or two collectible books myself (and having bought some very rare magic cards as well), I realize it is not crazy at all. So best of luck and take your time saving up the money for that final book 😀

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    1. Thanks Stooge, yeah the 140 for limited editions and stuff is still low, some of these books go into the 1000 dollar/euro range. and then you still have to pay shipping fees…. its crazy, luckily i am not quite that insane yet…. Ravenor Rogue was a good novel as well as one of the first WH books I read. I have the 3 book omnibus still on my shelf, I like that cover way more than the individual covers.

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      1. Holy smokes, 1000 euros? I think our washing machine cost about that much!

        When you do ebay, which ebay do you use? is it ebay.com and is it the same one I, in the US, would use? I have no idea how ebay works internationally.

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      2. Yeah mine is set for the dotcom ebay. they work out what shipping costs and postage will be automatically as my adress is saved on there. I dont even want to think of how I wouldve struggled if I still lived in SA… I also have the Ebay app on my phone which is a little less cluttered than what I see when I am on the pc. Currently trying to find a Diablo 2 original game manual, and all of them are seemingly only available from US.

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    1. Yeah, this collection only featured in U.K, Australia, South Africa and New Zeeland, strange as I believe Warhammer is quite big in th US too? I was seventeen books into the collection when I was living in South Africa, but had to cancel my subscription as I immegrated to The Netherlands 4 years ago. The rest of these books were all Ebay sales, twice-ten times of what the website’s normal prices were. This collection also stopped earlier this year and I am not sure it will ever be hosted again…

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      1. I’m in the States and I’ve been reading Black Library for about 15 years and it seems like I see fewer and fewer of their books in brick-and-mortar bookstores as the years go on. Got my dad into Black Library several years ago (with Gaunt’s Ghosts as a gateway drug). He’s done a lot of European travel and remarks each time how much more Warhammer stuff he sees when over there. That said, I do see a lot of Games Workshop stuff when at hobby shops.

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      2. Ive only gotten one miniature set so far and that was two years ago… My love for WH comes from the books i started collecting about 12 years ago, before I even knew what the Heresy was… thank you for commenting. Also great that your dad got into it, Gaunt has a good series run. Sadly my dad is not around anymore, enjoy that while you can🌹

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  2. Ahoy there matey! Love seeing how much successful treasure hunting ye be accomplishing. Only one final adventure to be having. Of course the last one would be the most difficult. I am not a Warhammer fan but I do love yer enthusiasm and have been ridiculously happy about every book ye get. Arrrr!
    x The Captain

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    1. Aaah Cap, mighty kind words of ye to be spoken thusly. Not everyone should like the same stuff otherwise the world would be a boring place🙂.I think it will probably be a while still till i do any more bookhaul posts. Thank you for stopping by.

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