November 2022 Update

Well folks, its safe to say that you did not miss out on anything this past month. I have not posted anything apart from a few Metal Monday’s. My reason for not posting anything else is simple, I read nothing, I wrote nothing and up until this past weekend I did not buy or get any new books. That is the short of it. I am not in a reading slump, I just while my time away behind either the PS4 or my semi new gaming laptop. I recently found out that when I got Diablo 2 Ressurected, which I have had a blast playing and feeding my nostalgia itch, I also got Diablo 3 and it’s expansion. Since last week I have also been able to connect with my oldest brother and its been fun beating the snot out of Diablo and his brothers. I will make an effort in writing up a post of both games as well as Alien: Isolation that I have thoroughly been enjoying on the PS4.

With December around the corner there are going to be quite a number of birthday’s coming up, including my own, so we will have to see how it goes.

On top of all that I recently got told that I have some weird skin malady that the doctors have no name for yet. What started on my calf looking like either a love bite or paintball scar now covers quite a lot of my whole body and I am slightly worried about the fact that people in this day and age still can hit a wall with the maladies of the human body. I’ll be getting a cal on 6 December and hopefully they have an answer for me. It’s quite a weird feeling, believing you are patient zero and nobody has any advice for you.

There are a few reviews still in the works so I hope to get back up on the posting horse again soon.

Please bare with me during this time. I have not given up yet…


15 thoughts on “November 2022 Update

  1. Heh, take care, hope they will find a remedy… my skin has atopic tendencies so it’s prone to look bad in certain places, but at least it’s a known cause and I just need special skin-care products to keep it in control… gets worse when it gets cold, so usually around November

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  2. Wow Dave,
    that is kind of scary! Is it painful? Anyway, trusting the dr’s can find out what is going on and get a handle on things.

    If I gamed, I’d definitely be trying to track down the Diablo franchise. It looks like something I would have enjoyed back in the day. Now, I’d probably get motion sickness, hahahaha 😀

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    1. Diablo is played from the top down, and not a shooter. I am having fun with it. All about finding loot that packs even a harder punch. The first Diablo was my favorite game back in the day. A lot darker than the second and third. But where Diablo 2 has had an rerelease it definately scratches my nostalgia itch.

      Talking bout itches, i have no pain its just weird having spots all of a sudden. Waking up in the morning to find new spots is not my favorite routine anymore…

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  3. Man, that sounds rough. I had a weird itch that started on my calf, went all over, but is now back to the calf. I think they put it down to stress. Hopefully you’ll get sorted out soon enough, anyway!!

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  4. Best of look with the skin problem, I hope the Dr’s figure out what it is soon, just don’t ask Salty for treatment advice in the mean time.
    Diablo 2 is such a great game, I spent ages on as a kid, I think a got a paladin with so much armour he was close to un-killable, so ran around hell hitting demons with the worst stick I could find, good times 😀

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    1. Ive seen some pally’s zoom past me not even hitting anything, you just hear some other type of halleluja and things just explode… i currently use the druid as i like the werewolf aspect, but it seems i should recalibrate him to a caster as that kills things a lot quicker. I like the close combat though.

      Thanks for the well wishes. Salty has been low key for a bit. I should check in on what he is up too.

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  5. Sorry to see that you’re not well. I once read a book about drugs that caused terrible itchiness in the skin to the point the sufferer felt better if they itched their skin off with a cheese grater… Right now, I don’t recommend it!!

    Diablo is the game of my childhood.
    I am glad to see you’re having fun with it.

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      1. Probably? Somewhere. Gathering dust. I’ll see if I can dig out the details?

        Might be for the best, at least until the Drs have a better idea!

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      2. Sure, Blizzard games are about the only thing that run on my laptop!
        I’ll have to find a mouse for it though!
        Might even twist Eloths arm to join us on the PC, too!


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