December 2022 Reading Plans

Seeing as no book s from my previous reading plans of last month were read, I’ll just copy paste that here again… Joke, I’ll try give an update on the reading that I did do. I would like to make some way into the books I am currently reading. If I finish 1 I at least reached 40 Books for the whole year. While 40 isn’t as good as my previous two-year streak of 60, I do realize that Gaming has taken a lot away from reading. Or, if you are like me, you find game stories an interactive sort of book that you live in. I should maybe think about incorporating games finished as a book in the new year. Will see how it goes. Seeing as it is December and I turn 37 in 18 days, I am not putting a lot of pressure on myself. I am aiming for the 40 goal for the end of the year. whatever is left over, I will read in January.

Currently reading:

Mark of Calth

Mark of Calth is book 25  in the Horus Heresy series. It is a collection of short stories and one near novella that all takes place in and around the events of the destruction of the Ultramarines home world-slash- part of the Imperium they call home. So far a lot of Wordbeares vs the Boys in Ultramar Blue, where the Wordbearers have no problem being the bastards they are and the Ultramarines only just realizing that they are being killed by a former legion they once called brother. I am on my third story and so far the book has been oke, I think being done with the second story now will see me make quicker progress through the book as the second story was the largest on in this collection. I will try keep notes as I go along and do a few lines per story in my review.


I have been entertained by Fry giving me the down low on all things related to the events leading up to The Ilead. Many of you may still be wondering what happened to that review of mine and to be honest I do not know how I can review an epic poem such as that. It’s a momentous work of art and I do not believe I will do it any justice by just saying “I liked it”. I was hoping to do a review of that and Fry’s Troy like a back-to-back review, but I cannot even trust myself to do a good job of that either. So to disappoint many of you and save myself unnecessary stress I am stating it here. I will probably not do a full review on either. While they are both mighty fine books and I have enjoyed them a lot, I do not want you to get your hopes up for a review on these two. I am sorry for that. Regarding Troy, I am nearly done with it, it is on Audible and I have about three hours to go.

Crusade for Armageddon

It is a good thing I started this novel first instead of diving into Gazgul Thrakka: Prophet of the Waaaaagh!!!, as this book was written very long ago and indroduced me to the big Boss for the first time. So far tells the story of how Orks ame to a Black Templars settlement and ran amok. It is now up to a handful of Templars to track down the culprits behind the devastation and I liked it so far. I have not picked it up again since starting a month ago so I might keep this on the back burner and start it fresh in the new year. Will see.

Planned reads:

I am not planning any reads this month. If I do finish two of the three listed above I will probably just pick some light reading to close of the year. No need to put more stress on myself.

I hope December will see you all safe.


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