Sinterklaas 2022

Many of you might not know this, but in The Netherlands, each year on the 5th of December Sinterklaas and his helpers travel from Spain to come and hand out gifts to children everywhere. It is very much like Christmas but comes with its own unique decorations. While not a lot of people celebrate Christmas the way the rest of the world does, the 5th of December is a pretty big deal over here, especially for the children. Now there are a lot of discussions going on around this age-old tradition, I will not be going into it in detail. For the last couple of years, I have been celebrating Sinterklaas with my Dutch family and as a result have a few books I can share with you.

House husband 5

House husband 6

House husband 7

A few of you may know that I read my first physical Manga earlier this year and collected it up to book number 4 on our trip to London. Well the Sint clearly knew I wanted the whole collection and decided to gift me books 5 to8 I believe there is a number nine and I am not sure how long this series is going to run. I did enjoy the lightheartedness of the first two books to be confident enough that I will enjoy the rest. Netflix has also got this as an animation series which I still need to watch, but I think I’ll try get through the books first.

Diablo 2D2expansion

Because December is my birth month and I have been splurging a little on myself and because I have been on a nostalgia High with my recent purchase of my very first gaming laptop and Diablo 2, I decided to buy the original game manual over on Amazon. Unfortunately, someone got my order wrong and shipped me the expansion manual… I was not too pissed off and I understand that errors can be made, working in logistics myself. The people were kind enough to refund me the money and saying that I could keep the wrongly sent manual or donate it. I will keep the manual as in the expansion it has the Druid and Assassin class traits and I tend to do a lot of runs with the Druid class, him being able to shapeshift into a wolf or bear form as well as summoning wolves, dire wolves and a bear to assist him. Riveting stuff that game…

soul hunterRavenwing

Something unexpected happened when Milou and I came home from her parents after having celebrated Sinterklaas a few weeks earlier. These two books were propped up against our front door. They are the two books that went missing earlier this year when I was going apeshit crazy in trying to finish up my 40K Legends Collection. I now own doubles of these two as I got both books in sets from the one Ebay seller that were selling 5 book a time at a reasonable price. Very happy they found their way to me. Just wondering how anyone would know it needed to be delivered to me as the books were not in packaging or anything… I am not complaining though. Was a nice surprise.

Lastly, I went and bought myself 3 of the Primarch novels in hardback. I was very surprised for the prive of these three, as their prices per book go into the hundreds.. My 3 were under the 50 mark even so I am very happy.


Stick up his ass Dorn the Primarch of the Imperial Fists. The guy has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, so I have to remind myself that there is a reason for some of his behaviours.


I do not know a lot about the Death Guard apart from that they are followers of Nurgle. I wonder if this novel will give me some more answers on how it all came to be. I know even less of Mortarion himself, so I am eager to pick this one up some time.


Lastly, we have Sanguinius, whom I got to read quite a big part of as he seems to be the target of Horus in his heresy, sadly for Horus, Sanguinius is not so easily turned to the Chaos fold. Fear to Tread was a great introduction to him and I am excited to see where this novel will take me.

There we have it folks. This will probably be my last book haul post for 2022. I hope that you enjoyed my little jourrney throughout this year. I hope that I can make a dent in my books awaiting to be read list in 2022 as well as bringing you updates on possible more hauls. Have a great December everyone. As the Dutch say: ” Fijne Sinterklaas allemaal!”.


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      1. Had a talk with the missus this weekend. We will probably just stay home with most weekends. Working 5 days a week also means i wont be going anywhere during the week days so we should be oke.

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