December 2022 Recap

Its already the third of January and I have been very lax of late regarding my WP posting. December took a quite big hit due to some shenanigans and me just being fed up and in no mood to post any kind of review. I even skipped some Metal Mondays as I just did not know what song to post. There was a lot of new Metal released, but I have quite a weird taste in what I like regarding newer material, finding that I go back in time more often than what is currently out…

I had a few posts go up that not many people were interested in or they were just busy with family and all things regarding that time of the year which was also a silent reason for not “feeling it” in December. I was not feeling a lot at all during December to be honest, not my birthday, not Christmas, not even new year. I would spend evenings just procrastinating in front of the PC or PS4. I ended up spending more time kicking the snot out of Diablo than I did reading so I did not get a lot of reviews in either. If finishing a game would count as a digital book, I was on fire as I played through Three Resident Evil titles as well as finishing Alien Isolation, which I started at the end of October.  The outstanding reviews I still have to work on and start on are piling up, but maybe now that it is a new year I can maybe make it a point of trying to get up to date first. I am already on a two day streak…


A full 2 reviews took place in December, one of which was a graphic novel and the other an Audible book. I did finish another Audio book as well as got close to finishing the Horus Heresy novel Jenn and I buddy read, but it has been quite a drag on that last one if I am honest…

NecropoplisEssential Judge Dredd Necropolis – Wagner / Esquerra

I knocked another NetGalley book of the shelf that meant that I can now see all the books I still have to get through on there without having to load a second or third page. As far as NG books go and as a goal for 2023 I am going to try knock more of them down and am currently very close to finishing another one that has been on there since I started using that site. Necropolis was as much a play on words as it was a good Dredd book. I finally sort of learnt how or where the Dark Judges manifest and now have even more understanding of the Dredd character. I am also very much convinced that the 40K Adeptus Arbites are based of off, or draws inspiration from Dredd or the other way around. I will try look into that a little later this year.

christmas demomnSherlock Holmes and the Christmas Demon – James Lovegrove
Book 4 in Lovegrove’s Sherlock series. This scored pretty high in my  books as Lovegrove did make an effort in bringing a genuine Sherlock to the pages, even if a little more full of himself as opposed to the original, the perfection of Watson was spot on, we tend to forget that Sherlock would have never been a thing if there was No Watson who would write up their adventures. I enjoyed this enough to look into the the other books in this series. Also just had a look and seems I have already done the first one in this series… Sherlock Holmes and the Shadwell Shadows – James Lovegrove, so I only need to get through two more books, unless Lovegrove finds more lost/unpublished Watson stories through his connections of very distant relative H.P Lovecraft’s estate….

Metal Mondays:

I missed a few this month… Can not say I am sorry as not a lot of people are into most of the songs I post on here, I do it mainly for myself anyhow. Who knows, one day I might have dementia and someone could show me this blog and say, “this was your handy work Dave”…

Dave’s Spotify analysis 2022
Jonathan Davis – Underneath My Skin


Only one haul happened last month, but it was kinda big as we celebrated Sinterklaas as opposed to Christmas. I still have a post to show of a new Manga I got for my birthday from my lovely wife. Also got the manual I was looking for on Ebay for my shelf. I do not see myself buying any books this year as I went a bit crazy with my 40K Legends Collection, I am missing one book from that collection still so if I see it I will probably insta buy. So far it has not surfaced anywhere on the net, but does not mean I am giving up, yet.

Sinterklaas 2022

Reading Plans:

I finished one book of my December reding plan post which was Fry’s Troy and I am close to finishing the Horus Heresy book that feels like its taken me an age to get through. With another book that I never got further than the opening chapter. I will be moving that one to try and get through it in Jauary, more on that later.

That was it for December I am afraid…

Here is hoping January will see me return to a better form. See you there?


14 thoughts on “December 2022 Recap

      1. Should send me your blizz id, maybe we jam a session some time🙂. I am no speedrunner though. I see these mages and pally’s zooming past me i just save and exit…

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  1. Aha, the reason for having the blog is revealed! So that people can show you it in the future and say “that was you, Dave! Brilliant blog!”! Good plan! I think I’ll change the content on mine now ready for the day when I can’t remember stuff and I’ll start with things like bank account details and credit card numbers ’cause I’ll definitely need them! 😉 Hope you have a great 2023!

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    1. Thanks Mogsy! Happy 2023 to you too. Working on a reading plans at the moment and will try schedule a 2022 recap tomorrow. with a few reviews in the works too I hope by next week.


  2. “Who knows, one day I might have dementia and someone could show me this blog and say, “this was your handy work Dave”…”
    No, it will be “Dave, I’m deaf now and it’s you fault 😛

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